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"What is Learning Agility?  “The ability and willingness to learn from experience, and subsequently apply that learning.”  

Excerpted by a post by Paul Thoresen:

 It is this application of learning which differentiates those who have high potential from those who do not. Using this definition of Learning Agility includes a five factor multi-dimensional construct with several sub-factors (or dimensions). This description of the five main factors is adapted from Korn/Ferry International:

  1. Mental – The ability to think critically and be very comfortable with complexity.
  2. People – A skilled communicator and adept at perspective taking.
  3. Results – Achievement oriented and builder of productive teams.
  4. Change – Comfortable with change and seeks continuous improvement.
  5. Self-Awareness – Knows strengths and weaknesses; actively seeks blind spot information.

Lombardo and Eichinger estimate Learning Agility is high in 10% of the population. .... evidence suggests Learning Agility can be developed. It is not a trait you are stuck with; it can be increased with practice.