De-Mystifying Khan Academy: Screen Capture for Educators | Agile Learning |

"Info & a video about free & for fee whiteboard screencasting tools -  all the rage for creating educational videos like those featured in the Khan Academy."

Here's a few excerpts, adapted:

The Khan Academy website provides a FAQ that lists the tools that Salman Khan uses to create his videos:

  • Camtasia Recorder/Studio ($200)
  • ScreenVideoRecorder ($20)
  • SmoothDraw 3 (Free)
  • Microsoft Paint (Free)
  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet ($80)

There are three basic types of tools needed to do a whiteboard screencast:

  • a video screen recorder, 
  • a drawing program, and 
  • an input device. 

The basic concept is very simple: you plan your lesson, then record what you draw using the drawing program and your narration with the video screen capture program.

The input device (use a graphics tablet for best results) allows you to draw or write on a tablet rather than trying to use the mouse.

iPad Video Capture: For those interested in capturing the action on an iPad 2 or 3, this helpful video from MacMost Now will explain how.


I'd like to try this for instructional video soon.  Have any of our readers done this on the iPad?