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If you could take the necessary steps to better connect with your audience; you'd drastically improve conversions. Making sales is all about knowing your audience. Understanding what they're going through.


One of the most useful exercises for gaining a better understanding of your audience is creating an empathy map. An empathy map is essentially a map of someone’s point of view. Your ideal buyers point of view or your target audience’s point of view.


It’s what your target buyers see, think, feel and hear. It’s about creating a map and avatar of their perspective allowing you to better understand them. That’s all it is, an exercise to help your understand your audience, their emotions, thoughts and beliefs.


by david m wood


Empathy Map

The Empathy Map is applicable to any business, as it provides insight into key players who are necessary for your company’s success. Learn how to provide a better user experience by viewing the perspective of your stakeholders and identifying how to improve what they see, hear, think, gain, and are challenged by. Through the extensive collaboration and visual organization involved in this game, players are able to form a deeper understanding about what customers and business partners truly want from your company.

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