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At the recent Neolane & Celerity co-hosted breakfast seminar Ashley Friedlein spelt out what agile marketing is and how it’s going to change us all. What was clear from all the presentations at the event was that personalisation, real-time, agile marketing practices will become the norm. According to Neolane’s recent survey, 19% of marketers are currently personalising their websites in real-time. But Neolane predicts that this figure will jump by 3X to 59% by the end of 2014.


If all these predictions are right there will be big changes afoot. Here I take a look at what they will mean for businesses and marketing teams:

1. Providing on demand services:

This is about giving fast, reactive and dynamic services and products.

2. Meeting your customer's real time expectations:

The consumer’s expectation that real time information and personalisation is possible and should be normal is driving our technological revolution.

3. New ways of working in a digital age:

If the customer's expections are that brands should be ubiquitous then the 9 – 5 way of working will have to change. This is all about embracing “agile” working practices.

4. Creating a new-breed of marketing teams:

[M]arketing teams should turn into multidisciplinary teams – that include designers, content creators and technologists. He said they should be co-located or virtual teams given “freedom within boundaries” to focus on delivering a customer-driven experience, like in the way Twitter and Facebook were started. This real time marketing approach will mean large corporations are going to have make a cultural shift.


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