African Safari - Travel, Holidays and Tours
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African Safari - Travel, Holidays and Tours
Anyone who goes on safari knows immediately what we are referring to. From trekking gorillas in the Impenetrable forest of Bwindi or canoeing up the Zambezi gliding past elephant herds to navigating the Great Rift Valley lakes of Malawi and Tanganyika and rediscovering the lost Eden of the Gorongosa national park in Mozambique, there is something rather basic and visceral to our connection to Africa. The animals of Africa, from the mighty elephant to myriads of tiny insects, endless columns of migrating wildebeest to the increasingly endangered wild dog and mountain gorilla all captured in moments of tenderness, action and savagery. Vast desert landscapes, the power of the tumbling Zambezi over the Victoria Falls or the grasslands of the South African rugged bushveld are also given their place in this portrait of all things wild and natural in Africa. The themes of Holidays to Africa - the constant struggle for survival, the tenacity of life amid the proximity of death, the capacity of man to both destroy and protect, the harmony of nature in all its life forms and, throughout, the visual impact of Africa in its unique space, light and beauty rise to the surface.
Curated by Anthony Young
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