African hair is the feeblest type of hair because of its molecular structure. Consequently, you must be extra careful to look after your hair. Simply follow the listed steps to prevent your <a href="" >African American Hair Breakage</a>.

Clean and condition your hair at least once or twice in a month. Cleaning your hair can bring back hygiene. The conditioning brings back moisture and assists in making the weak hair stronger. Try cleaning and conditioning hair once in two weeks to avoid hair breakage.Healthy blood denotes healthy hair. Consuming healthy food and doing exercise on a regular basis can truthfully help prevent hair breakage.Plait your hair as you are not infuriating your hair with heating merchandise and chemicals and in addition, they are very attractive. This minimizes chemical treatment on your hair. Any compound treatment that changes the structure or color of your hair will also deteriorate it.Reduce any styling that pulls your hair. Restrict the use of glued-in additions, tight cornrows, tight braids, and stiff, coagulate hairstyles. These only put too much amount of stress on the hair and show the way to African American hair breakage.Reduce heat exposure to avoid hair breakage. Heat can drag out dampness and at times burn your hair irreparably.Keep away from hair products that have sulfates, alcohols, silicones, or glycols as they are hair drying and harmful chemicals. Silicones formulate the hair appear glossy, but it as well seal the cuticles and cover the strand so much that extra moisture is unable to go through the hair strand resulting in hair breakage .Wash your hair once in a week. After cleaning your hair, on no account rub it with a towel. Just smoothly squeeze it with the towel, almost as though scrunching. There should be no dragging or tugging.Keep your hair in a damp condition to prevent hair breakage. African American hair requires dampness and profound conditioning, particularly while exposed to stressful styles, compound relaxers, and heat appliances, such as flat irons and blow dryers. A conditioner is nothing in excess of a cream when applied to the African American hair to soften the hair, to smooth the cuticle; offers shine, and bring back dampness. Oils such as jojoba oil can also help. Concentrate on moisturizing all parts of the hair, except the scalp.Untangle hair cautiously. Lubricate the strands of your African American hair with oil before you start detangling and be certain to begin detangling at the tip of the hair strand, not at the roots. Wrongly detangling your hair can cause needless pressure and tension on your African American hair, which shows the way to the hair breakage.Cover your hair in a scarf or soft cloth at night to keep hair soft and prevent hair breakage or hair tangling. You can add some drops of olive oil to the hair at nighttime for additional taming. This as well helps hair in being effortlessly manageable, glossy, and simple to comb.

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