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Cuba y el auge del castellano en África

Cuba y el auge del castellano en África | Africa |

Como sabemos, África negra es un mosaico de lenguas y dialectos. Una verdadera Torre de Babel en el buen sentido de la expresión. A veces llama la atención que en un espacio reducido se encuentren más de dos poblados cuyos habitantes hablan dialectos completamente diferentes. Pero lejos de considerar esta diversidad como un perjuicio para sus poblaciones, sabemos que es todo lo contrario. Es una bendición de la Madre Naturaleza, así debemos considerarlo para evitar por todos los medios prolongar el "genocidio" que los propios africanos estamos cometiendo con nuestros lenguas y dialectos.

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Reflexió de les llengües a Àfrica

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Why Uganda should not start a national airline - Commentary |

Why Uganda should not start a national airline - Commentary | | Africa |

Recently, Qatar Airways launched their non-stop daily service from Doha to Kampala. And at the press conference, the CEO promised to add services to neighbouring Kigali in Rwanda, Mombasa in Kenya and Zanzibar in Tanzania. I think it is really good Afica countries to make more visitors with Qatar Airways. It will be helpful for both Africa countries and Qatar Airways.


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Explica la problemàtica de la companyia àerea Qatar Airways al continent africà. 

Song Ik-june(Gerrard)'s comment, April 3, 2012 7:49 AM
Interesting article !!
Ken Morrison's comment, April 4, 2012 10:41 PM
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Rwanda ranked Africa's most enticing market for retailers

Rwanda ranked Africa's most enticing market for retailers | Africa |
* Report cites Rwanda's reforms and business-friendliness* Nigeria ranked second, but tough market to crackBy Tiisetso MotsoenengJOHANNESBURG, March 17 (Reuters) - Rwanda is Africa's mostattractive
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El atractivo de Ruanda para los diseñadores actuales en el mercado

Jason, Charlie's curator insight, April 9, 2014 7:00 PM

AFRICA ECONOMIC!!!!!!  This article would be located in the economic section.  Rwanda was ranked the highest in the market for retailers which is brilliant for them considering the fact that they started a rebuilding process in 1994.  They now have a stable government and strong macroeconomic indicators.  

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Chinese peacekeepers in Mali

China has deployed peacekeepers to several hotspots in Africa. But the mission to Mali is the first where they have a combat mandate.The West African country...
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La guerra a Mali

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Education in Africa for Girls to get Better and Safer in the Coming Years

Education in Africa for Girls to get Better and Safer in the Coming Years | Africa |

Improvements in the education system in Africa have started rising since the past decade. In fact, the steps towards bringing developments in the African education scenario are being taken with such effectiveness that the girls who have been hiding behind the scenes for years will get immense academic exposure over time.

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Progreso política de educación en Nigeria

abbby grace oberg's curator insight, March 6, 2014 4:58 AM

This is interesting it shows that people care for African girls and that they make a fund (thing that you raise money for something) for them. They are getting immense academic exposure over time.

Kaleigh & Lauren:)'s curator insight, April 10, 2014 11:51 AM

Intellectual Arts:

Girls who work and recieve education give almost ninety percent of their salaries to their families. A special fund will be provided for African girls and they will be getting educational stipends and scholarships. This article discusses how these women will have theopportunity  to get a better education.

Investors Europe Stock Brokers's curator insight, April 25, 2014 2:31 AM

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Illegal Ivory Trade Funds African Rebel Groups

Illegal Ivory Trade Funds African Rebel Groups | Africa |
Cameroon said its soldiers have shot and killed five suspected poachers who had opened fire on elephants in the West Africa country. The military said some of those killed were Janjawee...

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Aquest article parla del tràfic d'elefants

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What’s Ahead For African Women In Tech?

What’s Ahead For African Women In Tech? | Africa |
Africa is in the middle of a tech boom -- how are women doing relative to their male counterparts in the sector?
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La mujer en Africa

Bomin Keum's curator insight, March 9, 2014 11:45 AM

This article is about women in Africa being involved in the African "tech boom". This article includes people discussing about how women should be in part of technology development, and know about the systems and knowledge of it. They talk about how there are programs encouraging girls to gain interests toward technology and that “There is no difference between women and men, what’s important is their skills,” .

This helped me learn more about Africa of how Africa are making attempts to improve and make African women be in part of technology in Africa. This also made me understand of how Africans KNOW of how African girls are not being in part of technology, and that they should change this situation and make it fair for women too.

I was surprised of how Africa is actually trying to improve their country and how they actually realized how unfair the women were treated. This made me think of Africa again, for how they are trying to improve, not just doing nothing for their countries. 

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Africa's militant Islamist groups

Africa's militant Islamist groups | Africa |
A guide to the various Islamist militant groups in Africa.
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Hoja de ruta de algunos grupos islamistas en Africa

Rainer Emily's curator insight, April 10, 2014 11:40 AM

This article talks of the military which is Islamic (apparently, according to the title). I read about what they used to control and stuff. Anyway, since it had Islamic in the title, I felt that it would be able to represent Religion!

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Opinion: Is Africa the most homophobic continent?

Opinion: Is Africa the most homophobic continent? | Africa |
New laws in Nigeria and Uganda, plus reports throughout the continent of extortion, murder, so-called "curative rape" and abuse of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex) -- and their allies -- are deeply concerning to many people, in and outside of Africa.
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L'homofòbia actual a Nigèria

Arielle Erickson's curator insight, March 1, 2014 11:32 PM

     This is an article and a video. During the video American Preacher and Lawyer, Scott Lively, is accused of being an extremest and of starting these protests and killings of gays and lesbians. He defends himself, but is not very convincing. In the article it tells us to keep three things in mind before we start to call Africa "the most homophobic continent".  The first thing is that Africa is a HUGE continent made up of 54 countries. We need to keep on being reminded that Africa is a continent not a country, and that each country is under their own rule, law, and religions. The second thing is that it's us Westerners that put the idea of bisexual being evil and sinful. Most countries in Africa accept gays and lesbians, and families try to be discreet about other family members being bisexual. The African policy of "uBuntu" is meant to keep families together even when members strayed from the heterosexual, married, and fertile ideal. The third thing is that religious groups have helped spread this hate for bisexuals.

      This article helps me understand that Africans are not to be held responsible for all these deaths, protests, and hatred. Westerners influenced them, and turned them into "monsters".

      I feel grief and shame, because of what people are doing to bisexuals and what some of the bisexuals do. Why can't people just accept one another for who they are?! Why don't people see that just because one person is mean and nasty doesn't mean everyone else is too! There acting like a bunch of children and teenagers!! When I'm playing sports and one of the other girls is being mean, all the sudden we assume that everyone from that school is mean, but that's not true because then I meet some of the other girls who are really nice and kind, and say sorry for their teammates behavior. Not all Christians are like Scott Lively(who I don't like at all), not all bisexuals are evil and force people to do things, and not all Africans are mad at bisexuals!

Rainer Emily's curator insight, April 10, 2014 11:43 AM

This is all about the people of Africa and how welcoming they are to homosexuality (not very welcoming...) This article I chose to represent the Social aspects of Africa since it portrays how the people stand up for themselves and their beliefs. 

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The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Africa

The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Africa | Africa |
African startups, nonprofits, and big businesses are tackling a range of challenges, from shopping to social good.

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Las 10 empresas más innovadoras de Africa