Africa Unchained: Entrepreneurship key to escaping poverty | Poverty and Entrepreneurship -- Assignment 1 |

1. Africa Unchained. A platform for analysing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey's latest book 'Africa Unchained'. .... times in Nigerian his... 17 hours ago.

2. -Countries like China, and South Korea have successfully pulled themselves out of poverty.

-The only agent in society that can create wealth is business.

-In countries like Germany and Switzerland, SME's create 90% of employment. In the US, it's 85% all jobs.

-"some of the most business unfriendly countries, while some of the richest rate as business friendly."

3. The writer thinks entrepreneurship is good and developing countries should use it to get out of poverty.

4. The writer states their opinion directly: "I tend to favor entrepreneurs because they have better incentive systems for optimal resource allocation." "Developing countries need to, and most likely will, understand the importance of business and entrepreneurship to their continued development."

6. The columnist thinks there are 3 types of entrepreneurs and thinks that that will help developing countries get wealthy. The columnist also believes in redistribution.

7. Business workers and entrepreneurs and people interested in business and entrepreneurship.

8. Yes, the author presents data about countries who have gotten out of poverty and ways that the entrepreneurship works.