5 Web Design Colours that Encourage Visitors to Click that Subscribe Button | Affordable Web Design for Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations | Scoop.it

People are still debating whether, or not, that content is king.


If you ask me, I totally agree with it and my opinion is based on my own experience. Regardless, whether or not content is king, there is something that is just as important! What is it, you ask?


It is a book’s cover that counts too…


I know, I know, everyone likes to say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but how else are you planning to grab someone’s attention other then with a fancy cover? Obviously, once you have someone’s attention, you can leave the rest to content. It’s all about web design colours and how you manipulate them.


You Make a First Impression Only Once

There is always a one particular step you would like your website’s visitors to take. It is a step you are always concentrating on the most. It could be your subscribe button, it could be the follow button, or even the buy button.


Whatever that call-to-action button is, always remember that whether people will click on it or not depends on how you make them feel while they are on your website.


Read on to find out about the five most popular colours used in web design to always leave your website’s visitors warmly welcomed, deeply engaged and even irresistibly intrigued.