Advises 4 TEFL Teachers while teaching English as a 2nd Language | Advises 4 TEFL Teachers while teaching English as a 2nd Language |

Advises 4 TEFL Teachers while teaching English as a 2nd Language

The competency –based methods in widespread use at the mean time.

Needs analysis: is that involved the SS, staff, supervisors, clients, administrators.

In this account of course development Teacher, needs to familiarize himself with the goals processes involved with the given instruction. There is needs 4 teaching technical aspects, the language demands of various jobs,

A space is 2 be left4 spoken language fluency

Use of specific terms &vocabulary.

Realistic Approach, real life situation.

Correct Pronunciations

Correct spelling

Correct verb tense

Appropriate paragraphs

Prewriting stages:

Open Discussion; discussing debating=exchange of ideas

Focus on the main idea, identify the main idea.

Teacher starts instructing his presentation by setting the scene.T.makes SS.antcipates, predicts.

Second stage: learning activity; how you are going to make your learner focus on their writing. To define choose the objectives.


Prctice&Production; Group evaluation group efficiency &then the summary.

Generalization; 1st to be given practice in well written paragraph.

T. asks his students to write in their own words the summary of what they have perceived.


The fundamental problem which is posed before doing after any process of analysis is to know; what forms this improvement will take?

My presentation should be more practical, more complete, more pleasant, more stimulating cheaper.


They should be better matched 2 their characteristics, capabilities interests.


Content: the ideological interpretation of the curricula;

Expectations, demands, interests, necessities, motivations, desires, ideas &sometime fantasies.

REFLECTION:T;can provide answers &solutions by reflection &experience.

Objectives descriptions based on specific real observed data.

IT is very important 4 learners of foreign lang in authentic communicational situations.

When negotiation can progressively be conducted in that Lang.

Class-room being the most natural place 4 discussion on teaching &leaning.

T; have 2 determine lessons' objectives in terms of language resources ,that is needed 4 learners &practice when using lang 2 communicate in various situations,2acquire better understanding of the characteristics ,capabilities &sources of the targeted group, in order 2 identify their lang needs then select the objectives ,content teaching material

The influence of the environment is always present &decisive. Teachers shouldn't forget the relation bet person &environment.Learners must be able 2 comparewhat he is going 2 do in the future& how best2 use them in order 2 proceed from present experience 2 the projected future.