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Storyboard That is a cutting edge Web 2.0 tool for rapidly creating amazing storyboards, no art skills needed. Great for business meetings and in the classroom for students to express their creativity.

For SchoolA Fun And Creative Way For
Students To LearnCollaborative

Storyboard That presents a great opportunity for students to work together. When creating a storyboard, students can discuss what they want their story to say, how to structure it and what imagery to use. After they create them, students are excited to share their storyboards with friends and get feedback.


Storyboard That provides an excellent place for students to echo what they have learned and expand on it.

Visually recreate something learnedPractice new conceptsTell a storyExciting And Fun

Storytelling is fun. Creating a story in Storyboard That is exciting. Students love the experience of rapidly creating a storyboard that looks good and tells a story from their point of view. (Hide)

Via Heiko Idensen