An App to Help Doctors Diagnose Dementia | Advancing the Practice of Medicine Through People & Technology |
There is an app to make every part of life simpler. And this one helps doctors do their job.


Doctors can now reduce process of testing for dementia from three years to 10 minutes.


Cantab, a new iPad app from Cambridge Cognition, is designed to help early diagnoses of dementia. The technology, based on testing developed at the University of Cambridge, is designed to be easy for patients to use.


Cantab is available in 20 language, with options to encrypt test results for printing or including in a patient’s file.

The company warns that Cantab is only meant to aid preliminary diagnosis and is not a comprehensive recommendation. The test tracks scores for both mood and functional impairment, which give doctors a better idea of how to proceed with screening and treatment.

Via Josué Cardona