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 I liked that demanding parties is the difference between Hamideverybody else SC and under you know it's today's the day it is that have in that area and it basically you know very few people demand excellence I'll you know a lot of people set standard well you know a lot of people lead by example the Masquerade but I found myself costly I just side just checking out you know it’s that I think it's the scariest say sometimes to demand that of others liked to me set the example and I say I like the best example but to me like just push it granted trying to set a good example ZZ but sometimes you know don't do anything like your call people out sometimes it he got it do you know you going to do it a lot you can just you know coln out just to be a jerk be like I wasn't good enough you know do better but it’s you know it's got to come from the heart but our  that's just that stuck with me since college hey do something like that with love patty call people out with love I feel like when we go I tell my kids to like.


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