My paper on "Developing and integrating teacher competences in language acquisition, pedagogy and technology."  (Actes du colloque FICEL sur l'évolution et professionalisation des enseignants de langues)


The paper discusses key competences required for teaching languages with technology, and concludes with examples of projects combining research, pedagogy and technology including:


"the EU lifelong learning project iTILT, Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching (Whyte, Cutrim Schmid & van Hazebrouck, 2011). In this project, language researchers and teacher trainers offer professional development in the use of the interactive whiteboard (IWB) to practising language teachers with learners at all levels. After initial training, class sessions at the board are filmed, and followed by debriefing sessions with both teachers and learners. Short video clips of selected lesson episodes are then presented on the project website together with lesson plans, lesson files, and teacher and learner commentary to aid other teachers in using the IWB for language teaching. The project website also includes a variety of related resources and dissemination tools, and as teacher training and data collection proceed, the project partners inform their networks of developments via blogs and social media. Thus teaching, training and research are closely interrelated as the project teachers develop their digital  and pedagogical skills, the researchers observe classroom interaction and teacher development, and trainers create resources for future professional development using feedback from the project teachers."


The iTILT website ( will soon go live, allowing language teachers and teacher educators access to this free open educational resource on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) in communicative language teaching.

Via Shona Whyte