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Adlandpro talking about Social-Marketing-Blogging
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Curated by Diane Bjorling
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Scooped by Diane Bjorling!

The surrealist phenomenon salvador dali

An Adlanpro forum devoted to the fine arts in the world history, and more particularly to the great masters of painting and sculpture via Luis Miguel Goitizolo
Diane Bjorling's insight:

Since when does a forum or online community have to always be about marketing or social media marketing?  Why cant online communities be about cool things like art and music?

Everyone seems to think that it is only on Google+ that people can have good convesations..well they are wrong!


A great slideshare about art and a member of a forum community who loves to share art and it is good...very very good!

Branka Babić's curator insight, August 4, 2013 3:52 AM

To me personally Dali is one of biggest inspirations. My joy in watching this slideshare presentation was triple: it features my favorite #AdlandPro forum, created by so unique talent of  Luis Miguel Goitizolo (painter himself),it  talks about my favorite #thinker and #painter Salvador Dali, and all of this presented by my favorite Internet Icon (blogger, writer, thinker and un-bossy boss :) of #AdlandPro, Mr. Bogdan Fiedur. 


To all who love Dali and who seek for the inspiration, I wholeheartedly recommend to click on this link.


Wishing a wonderful Sunday to all!

Scooped by Diane Bjorling!

35-My personal journey | View Thread | AdlandPro Community

35-My personal journey | View Thread | AdlandPro Community | Adlandpro talking about Social-Marketing-Blogging |

Do you know what is so cool about being in a forum like Adlandpro? Meeting all the Different people who share so many of their talents.  Take Roger Macdivitt - here is a man who is one very talented artist and a man who is what I would call a gentleman in every sence of the word!

I think that what I really like about Roger, is he is never afraid to ask for help and he is never afraid to offer his help and that makes him rather unique....wouldn't  you say so?

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