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Harford County Public Library- Music to Multiply By

Harford County Public Library- Music to Multiply By | Content Area: Multiplicaton |

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 Format: Book + CD, Audio Books, Nonmusical Sound Recording, Sound Recording, Book

 Author: Caudle, Brad.

 Title: Rock 'n learn multiplication rock [book/CD] / [written and produced by Brad and Richard Caudle].

 Publisher, Date: Conroe, Tex. : Rock 'n Learn, c1991.

 Description: 1 sound disc : digital; 4 3/4 in. + 1 book (24 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.).

 Summary: Uses rock songs to make learning multiplication easy and fun for all ages.

 Most appropriate for: any grade level for teachers to use with students


Via Chrissy McHugh
Julie Price's insight:

love the idea of using music and songs to help kids learn and practice multiplication. I know that my students in my third grade classroom would benefit greatly from something like this because they love music. I think that this is a good way to add something different to a math lesson and to make math more fun and exciting. If students are enjoying what they are doing then it is going to make learning the material so much easier for them. This type of activity may also work better for students who learn better through creative learning and not from the "drill and kill" method that many teachers use for math facts.

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Sense-making and Multiplication

Sense-making and Multiplication | Content Area: Multiplicaton |
Enthusiastic ways to teach multiplication and math to students in grades 3, 4 and 5. Using patterns and other learning tip can help elementary school students to learn multiplication faster and allow them to apply it to other problems.

Via Tiffany Tucker
Julie Price's insight:

I really love this video about the importance of teaching multiplication in a way that builds students confidence and engages them in many different ways. I like that this teacher made learning the math four times tables into a game where every student is involved. The students in this video were engaged and were excited to practice math. These are the types of lessons that I want to include in my classroom as I continue to teach multiplication. I really liked the number line that she used because it resembles a multiplication strategy that my students have just learned. It was really interesting to see the approach that teachers from different countries are taking to teach multiplication. I think that we can learn a lot from looking at how different countries are teaching.

Tiffany Tucker's curator insight, December 10, 2013 10:45 AM

This not only a great incite into multiplication but a look into how schools function on another country. I personally liked the lesson that this 4th year teacher taught on the 4 times family. I wish that more schools had this kind of technology. It allows for significantly better instruction. When we have the tools we need to teach, we teach more effectively.  I also liked how she created a 4x family number line. It was a physical object that the students could see and touch. I think it is important to learn math hands on. When kids can play around with the facts, and break them down, I believe that it allows them to better understand "why" they math is done.

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Reasoning About Multiplication & Division

Reasoning About Multiplication & Division | Content Area: Multiplicaton |
Here are lesson ideas for teaching multiplication and division to the Common Core. This lesson aligns with Common Core Standards: Math.3.OA.5. Use this and other great videos to help your students learn multiplication and division.

Via Tom D'Amico (@TDOttawa)
Julie Price's insight:

I really like this resource from the Teaching Channel. This teacher makes time in his math period for students to discuss the mutliplication facts and the patterns that they see on the mutliplication charts. The students are not even working through math problems at all, yet they are fully engaged in exploring these connections. His students produce some very productive discourse that helped them explore the meaning behind the multiplication to reach deeper and more meaningful understandings. This fits perfectly into CCSS and MCPS's curriculum 2.0 for third grade mathematics. The Teaching Channel as a whole seems like a great resource for personal professional development.

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Rescooped by Julie Price from technologies! | Content Area: Multiplicaton | - activities, games, worksheets to help teach the multiplication facts.

Via John Dalziel
Julie Price's insight:

This is a great resource for any teacher that is teaching multiplication. Not only does this website have activities and games for teachers to use with students, it also has professional development resources for teachers. There are videos to show students that you could use during a math lesson to show students mutliplication strategies in a different and engaging way. As a new teacher this website will be very helpful. I will look to this website, especially during full take over when I am planning everything on my own, for resources and teaching tips to help me continue to grow as an educator.

John Dalziel's curator insight, February 13, 2013 5:45 PM

On learners can choose from dozens of games to play to practice their multiplication skills. Learners can play single-player and multi-player games. Learners can refresh their memories by working through the "fact" and "quiz" navigators that provide visual explanations of multiplication facts.

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Multiplication Puzzle

Multiplication Puzzle | Content Area: Multiplicaton |

A great maths resource where you choose which tables to use then complete the multiplication grid.

Julie Price's insight:

I love this game! It almost exactly resembles a weekly math activity that the MCPS math curriculum recommends that third grade students do each week as we work through the multiplication facts with students. It requires students to use problem solving skills to practice learning their facts. Doing this type of activity in the classroom so far has proved very helpful for students because having them work through the table and figure out the facts on their own is helping them remember their facts and understand them on a deeper level. This would be a fun and engaging way for students to do the usual worksheet that we use. I could incoporate it into our math rotation groups, since we have five computers in our classroom. Great resource!

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Rescooped by Julie Price from Common Core Online!

CCSSI Mathematics: Don't punt it away; take skills into the end zone

CCSSI Mathematics: Don't punt it away; take skills into the end zone | Content Area: Multiplicaton |
CCSSI begins a piecemeal approach to multiplication in 2.OA.4: ``Use addition to find the total number of objects arranged in rectangular arrays with up to 5 rows and up to 5 columns; write an equation to express the total as a ...

Via Darren Burris
Julie Price's insight:

I found this article very insightful. It describes exactly how we are teaching multiplication in the MCPS curriculum in third grade. My mentor and I have been working with students to teach them strategies to work through mutliplication problems. We are now at the point where students should be memorizing them, however, we are having trouble motiviating students to do this. They feel that they do not need to memorize them because they can draw the pictures from one of the many strategies they have learned. While these strategies are important and have given students more of a number sense, they are not efficient. When it comes time to move to more complicated mathematics that involve mutliplication these strategies could even start to confuse students. This article brings forth an important point, which I agree with.

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