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Scooped by Cohort Fund!

@tempibones What if Trent Franks was the mother of a rape-conceived child?

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I was happy to hear that some of your friends want to support my film with donations. I'm still working on the fundraising site, but in the meantime, here's some more information about the production to share with your friends and associates.


Actress Nikki Muller will co-star in The Personhood Conspiracy as the prosecutor who files child abandonment charges against U.S. Congressman Trent Franks. 


Ms. Muller earned a B.A. at Princeton and a master’s degree at Harvard. She is currently working as an actress in Los Angeles and recently wrote an article published on Huffington Post.  If you want to get to know the woman who will put Trent Franks in his place, watch The Ivy League Hustle, which as of this moment has been viewed 467,200 times on YouTube.


In this science fiction tale peppered with farce and satire, Congressman Trent Franks has refused to pay back child support for his rape-conceived zygote.  On November 4th, 2007, Trent Franks was skin-raped and his unlawfully extracted skin cell was used to create a human egg which was then inseminated in the secret eugenics labs of the Institute of Tea Party Studies.  The federal personhood amendment, H.R. 23, which Trent Franks co-sponsored in 2013, was passed into law in 2014, at which moment Mr. Franks' zygote became a U.S. citizen with constitutional rights.  Trent will claim that he did not consent to his skin cell being extracted, nor did he consent to it being converted into an egg, much less being inseminated.


Nikki Muller will make the case that her client who is now a seven years old one-celled human, has a right to life-sustaining refrigeration and other expenses related to keeping the child until a state-appointed surrogate mother can be found.  He is also entitled to back child-support, surrogate mother expenses, pre-natal care, birthing costs, and 18 years of food, housing, medical expenses, and full-time childcare.


Congressman Franks' defense attorney will make the case that the zygote was not legally defined as human until the passing on H.R. 23; therefore the Congressman does not owe child support going back to the moment of conception.  In fact, since the child became human the moment the bill was signed, the child is not seven years old and thus the Congressman would only owe a few months of back child support, if indeed he owed anything, which will claim he does not.






Cohort Fund's insight:

Summary of the Cohort Fund project written by @tempibones


Fetal Personhood laws--the push behind all attacks to women's healthcare--reduces our status to fertilized eggs. If you don't like it, get ready to do something about it. We have 18 months until the Republican mid term elections. I'm working everyday with the executive producer of 'The Personhood Conspiracy', a film trilogy that begins with the skin-cell rape of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (fictional character).
We're going to have some fun while we open the public's eyes to the serious implications of personhood using sci-fi psycho-thrills and satire. With your help, we can give the smack down to personhood pushers and set things right in 2014. Check our Facebook page "Stop Personhood":
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Scooped by Cohort Fund!

The Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton, Bitch)

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