Acne Treatment Products

Acne has posed to be a huge problem to millions of people cross the world. Acne is the occurrence of pimples on the skin, especially the face area. It is known to affect both teens and adults. Different <a href="" >Acne Treatment Product</a> work in different ways. The over the counter products act by killing the bacteria on the skin. In most cases, acne is cause by bacterial infections. On the other hand, other acne products work by removing excess oil from the skin. This is also believed to be the cause of acne on the skin. There are also some products that work by combining these two functions together.

Types of acne treatment products

Over the counter topical treatments: these are acne treatment products in the form of lotions that are capable of drying up the oil in the skin, killing bacteria and sloughing the dead skin. Acne treatment products that are bought over the counter are usually mild and less powerful. They contain properties such as benzoyl peroxide sulfur and salicylic acid. These are the active ingredients in them. However, these acne treatments products may contain side effects such as skin irritation and dryness. This can improve after the first month of therapy.Prescription topical treatments: a doctor may prescribe suitable acne treatment products if you do not respond to the treatments that you have bought over the counter. Prescription drugs are much stronger than the drugs bought over the counter. They have active ingredient that work to promote the rate of cell turn over in the skin. They also prevent plugging of follicle hairs in the skin. This is what causes acne to appear.Antibiotics: this is appropriate for moderate to severe acne. Oral antibiotics should be administered to reduce the risk of bacterial infection from the skin. They also help in fighting inflammation. However, resistance to antibiotics among patients with acne has greatly increased because antibiotics have been used for the <a href="" >Acne Treatment</a>for a long time.Isotretinoin: in the case of severe acne, antibiotics alone may not be enough. This medication is powerful and is used to treat cyst acne. It is also used to treat acne that does not respond to other types of treatments. This type of medication is usually reserved for the most severe cases of acne. However, this treatment is capable of causing some severe side effects to the patients. Therefore, it should only be used under the doctor’s recommendations.Laser and light therapy: this method of treatment is used to reach the deeper levels of the skin while at the same time, preserving the outer surface of the skin. It damages the oil glands in the skin, thereby causing a reduced rate of oil production. This is also a good method of improving the skin texture while at it. It is capable of eliminating scars on the skin.Cosmetic procedures: this involves the use of chemicals peels that help in treating acne. They have been in use ever since the traditional setting in the treatment of minor scars that appear on the skin.

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