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AceofDents an Authentic Paintless Dent Removal Service in New Jersey

AceofDents an Authentic Paintless Dent Removal Service in New Jersey | Ace Of Dents |

AceofDents has earned a name as an authentic PDR Dent Remover in New Jersey.

True to its name, AceofDents has emerged as an ace in the Dent Repair and Dent Removal industry through the use of skilled labor and specially designed tools.


A Decade of Experience

With a decade of experience in PDR service, AceofDents has created a niche for itself in the Paintless Dent Removal vertical in the auto dent repair/ car dent removal industry in New Jersey. Specializing in PDR, hail damage, and ding repair among other dent repair and dent removal services, AceofDents also provides professional lease return services.


Lease and Insurance

AceofDents is also an insurance company, which relieves its customers from the headache of paying high lease.


Dents and Dings

A dent is a depression formed in the body of the vehicle. A ding, on the other side, refers to the deformation in the body of the vehicle. Common causes of dents and dings include hailstorms, curbside parking, and the like.


Dent Repair and Dent Removal

Dents and dings are common which are impossible to avoid. Dent repair and dent removal services aim at restoring the body of the vehicle to its original shape.


Paintless Dent Removal

PDR, as it is popularly known, this dent removal process uses specialized tool/ equipment for dent removal.



The tool is used from inside the vehicle, which pushes the body of the vehicle gently from inside to its original shape, while preserving the factory paint as is, no cutting or drilling required.



Why choose PDR

PDR Dent Removing is the most cost-effective and quickest dent repair process. This dent removing process does not includes removing factory paint, saves both money and time.


Specialized Dent Services at modest price

AceofDents provides a multitude of auto dent repair/ car dent removal services at modest rates in New Jersey.


The services range from paintless dent removal to dings repair, from hail damage dent repair to minor dent repair for motorcycles, and other dent repair and dent removal services catering to any vehicle; motorcycles, vans, trucks or car.


Human Expertise with Technology

AceofDents is highly regarded and recommended as PDR Dent Removers in New Jersey.



The technicians along with their expertise use the latest technology tools and equipments for Paintless Dent Removal, with precision and perfection.



Before the PDR process, the technicians use their skills and experience for an initial evaluation of the damage caused to the vehicle and then finalize on the paintless dent removal service appropriate for best results, both for a small ding or hail damage.




AceofDents goes Mobile

With its mobile services, Ace of Dents is available for Dent Removal service at any location in the regions of Bergen County and Hudson County.

Reasons to choose AceofDents

Reasons why AceofDents is the best in the industry


Ø A decade of experience in PDRØ An insured companyØ Fastest dent removalØ Preserves factory paintØ Skilled and proficient techniciansØ Specially designed toolsØ Mobile servicesØ Lease return service


Please visit their website or call 201-699-9102 for more details.


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Get instant dent repair at New Jersey

Get instant dent repair at New Jersey | Ace Of Dents |

Love your car? Can’t see even a single dent or ding on it, visit Ace of Dents for dent removal New Jersey!


No matter how much you love your car and protect it from damage, once in a while our cars have to face it. If a situation occurs where protection of the car becomes difficult and one should rely more on its cure. It means even after a hard protection there is a dent on the car one should take help from experts to get a fruitful remedy. If you stay in New Jersey then no one can provide a better solution to the dent problem then Ace of Dents. We offer painless dent removal in short span of time and also within the fraction of the expenditure which would incur in undergoing the conventional dent repair program.


Advantages of PDR over the old-style auto dent repair


Paintless dent removal is always faster than the conventional style dent repair because there is no removal of the entire paint. There is no re-painting of the vehicle, but only the dent repair takes place from within the dented panel. It means that the entire finish of the car or the bike remains intact just like it was before. Also to make sure that the vehicles gets into its original condition; use of the most sophisticated tools is done.


Why to choose Ace of Dents


Mostly people still prefer the old and conventional methods of dent repair; it means that they are not yet aware of the benefits which are given by the paintless dent removal. Here at Ace of dents, all our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in paintless dent repair New Jersey. We have been using the most sophisticated tools and we make sure that your vehicle is not affected at all after we finish our work. It looks like as if it was new.


There is no removal of the paint of the vehicle or re-painting, it means automatically a lot of time is saved. The dent will be repaired from inside by slowly pushing from within the damaged pane. This process does affect the finish of the vehicle and it remains like the factory finish. All this is done by skilled technicians, so there is no need to worry about any loss or damage to the car.


You also don’t need to worry about matching paint or peeling because the factory paint is not removed. And when the factory paint remains intact, you will be able amazed to see your car in the same condition like it was before. It will appear as if the dent never happened. We also repair the handle hail damage of the car.


If you visit us for car dent repair you will be able to save lot of money as well as time. Are you still thinking about the results and how is it going to be? Don’t wait any more! Even if there is a slight problem in your car, get it corrected today! Why to worry when we are here. Just visit for more details.



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Paintless Dent Removal Will Give a Facelift to Your Car

Paintless Dent Removal Will Give a Facelift to Your Car | Ace Of Dents |

PDR or Paintless Dent Removal is a common name, which is used in unison for a number of techniques, which are used for minor dent repair, and dings from the panels and the body of car and automobiles. PDR can be used to repair a number of types of dents and dings where the paint has been left intact. The common use of PDR is in small dent repair like removing door dings, dents and hail damage. PDR can also be used effectively to conceal high spots, minor creases and so also plastic bumper indentation.


PDR involves massaging or pushing the inner side of the affected area and restoring it to the original state. Different types of tools are used and this includes metal rods and picks. PDR techniques are continuously being innovated and the technicians can use different lights and reflection boards to enable better precision and quality of work. Sometimes glue is also used to pull the dents out if it is not possible to approach the panels from behind with props and rods. Final touches are done by tapping and reshaping the repair to make the surface flat.


If the PDR is done professionally, and there is no damage to the existing paintwork and it is impossible to discern any difference even to the most critical eyes. One of the most important features of any PDR procedure is that there is no need for any filler, sanding or repainting as is seen in any conventional repainting job. Therefore the paintless dent repair cost is very low. Another advantage of the PDR job is that it is incredibly quick unlike the conventional repainting job which can take days or even longer. Mobile paintless dent removal can also afford repair services on a mobile basis so that you can repair your vehicle at your place. The PDR procedure can take ten minutes to a few hours to complete and this depends upon the size, depth and the location of a dent.


All the advantages mentioned above makes PDR an attractive and increasingly popular alternative to the conventional forms of auto body work. One must understand that the dings and the dents though trivial are a blot on the otherwise perfect body of your vehicle. These dings and dents multiply in number and considerably lower the face value of your vehicle. A properly skilled PDR expert can remove 90% of the dents and the dings. PDR is least invasive and also very efficient and cost-effective method of removing minor dents and dings.


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Ace of Dents- An expert in Paintless Dent Repair in New Jersey

Ace of Dents- An expert in Paintless Dent Repair in New Jersey | Ace Of Dents |

Ace of Dents- An expert in Paintless Dent Repair in New Jersey

Ace of Dents is the most popular Auto Dent Repair Center in NJ. Its Services are guaranteed. The fact that it offers lowest priced Paintless Dent Removal along with its excellent service makes it the first choice for paintless dent removal in New Jersey. Its own management workforce in addition to their experts include the almost all expertise in the business which is source of Customer Delight for all those who walk-in.

The particular Paintless Dent Removal practice as well as other ding removal technique is undertaken by making use of specifically designed equipment emphasizing almost all-possible care.


 Evolution of Paintless Dent Repair

Car Dent Repair in particular was previously considered to be a cumbersome task where one was bound to compromise with the appearance of vehicle. With the evolution of PDR car dent removal is easy. Especially fabricated tools as well as techniques for PDR are developed to remove dents. If the process is actually comprehensive and carried out by a professional; the actual dent isn't any more visible. PDR can be done on motorbikes and cars.






PDR at Ace of Dents

For the majority of involving dings and dents, it requires less than an hour. A person doesn’t have to stress about choosing an appropriate paint, or even peeling, as they don’t actually remove the paint of your vehicle. They specialize both in major and minor dent repair. For dent removal in New Jersey people relay on Ace of Dents. While factory is always the same, clients get excited whenever they notice his or her car once in a brand new condition as that dent was never ever there. They also take care of hail harm to your car.

Looking for Paintless Dent Removal?

Ace of Dents save nearly half of Body retail outlet cost with a guarantee to make your car look as good as new sometimes even better. It’s an established name since ten years, teamed up with experts, which assure to fix the dents on the same day when vehicle is brought in for Dent Removal. Paintless Dent Repair in NJ has become a popular method for Dent Removal as people count on Ace of Dents.

Next time you meet an accident or notice any Dent in your vehicle or Luxury Car don’t compromise; relay on the Expert Dent Removers in NJ. All you need to do is just contact Ace of Dents, fix up an appointment and experience the most amazing transformation of your vehicle.




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Make your car look brand new with Ace of Dents

Make your car look brand new with Ace of Dents | Ace Of Dents |

Do you love you cars just like you love kids and family? If the answer is yes then you could not tolerate even a scratch or dent on it. No matter how much you protect your car once in while it always happens! If by chance it happens with your car too, don’t panic; give it the best treatment available for cars. If you are driving around New Jersey then and your car encounters a dent don’t wait to visit Ace of Dent because they are the most reliable Auto dent repair service in the New Jersey area. The company does those tasks easily which the other might not even attempt. It has got a specialization in Paintless dent removal; it removes all major or minor dents on the car and leaving it looking like a brand new one.

Why to go for paintless dent removal


It is a technique, which is fast, more efficient, and less expensive for dent removal and removing dings and creases from your car and bikes just like it wasn’t there at all. It makes your automobile look just as good as new.


Why is it better than conventional dent removal?


The paintless dent removal is always known to be faster, hassle free and most importantly more cost effective. In this procedure there is no any kind of repaint of the car or bike but the use of the most sophisticated tools is done for removing the dent from inside of the injured panel. This procedure ensures that the original look of the car remains intact, just like the brand new finish.


Here at Ace of dents you will find the most skilled technicians and workers and provides excellent service of PDR just like nothing has happened to the car before.


Now there’s no need to wait for a very long time after your car suffer a dent or ding. Also it is advised that don’t leave ignored because it will reduce the life of exteriors of your car; and once they pile up into many it will cost too much. You can get the new factory look of your car within fraction of time and cost than the conventional method with Ave of dents- the fastest service providers of paintless dent removal NJ. You don’t need to be present at a particular site for dent removal, just give them a call and they’ll reach there to help you out in all the possible ways.


Ace of dent is a dent removal New Jersey Company that believes in total customer satisfaction and the use of most cutting-edge technologies to offer their services. It has chosen the PDR service to provide over the conventional dent repair service because it saves their time and money as well the time of their customers. For most the normal sized dents, they take just as hour or less to repair. Also because it’s PDR there is no question of matching paint, peeling etc. and the factory paint remains intact.


If you too want your car to like new, just visit Ace of dents now!



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Benefits of PDR dent removal Vs Traditional Paint and Body Shops

Benefits of PDR dent removal Vs Traditional Paint and Body Shops | Ace Of Dents |

If you are looking to save money as well as time, when it comes to dent removal of your vehicle, you should give a consideration for PDR for car dent removal as compared to conventional paint jobs done. There are umpteenth reasons to prefer PDR in place of Traditional Paint and Body jobs.


One of the biggest advantages of using PDR is that the car retains its value by since there is no body filler or auto paint job.  Regardless of the sophistication of the conventional repainting job, the dent repair is discernable.  This will surely reduce the final value of your automobile especially if you are desirous of selling it. On the other hand PDR relies more on the expertise of its technicians and the gentle dent removal tools which is easy on the original paintwork.


When you choose PDR you are actually opting for one of the most eco friendly choice. You do not need thinners, paints and solvents which are all costly and environmentally-hazardous materials. Conventional paint and body shop rely excessively on chemicals and primers like basecoats, clear coats, auto paint, body filler, and paint thinners to repair the dents in a vehicle. However PDR does away with the paint job and massages the panels and the body to remove dents and restore the vehicle to its original pristine glory. There are absolutely no chemicals involved from the start to the finish.


Since there is no need to pay for costly fillers and primers like in the conventional body repair shops, paintless dent repair cost are low and is friendly on your pocket. The conventional methods of repainting and repair are very labor intensive and hence shoot the costs sky high. In most cases you save up to 50% in costs by choosing PDR instead of traditional body repair work.


Another problem with conventional repainting and repair jobs take a hell of a time and can have a bearing on your daily routine. Today many PDR services are offered by mobile units and one does not need to go to a workshop to get those bumps and dings repaired. The PDR service provider reaches you in a jiffy and you need not leave your vehicle in the garage for days at an end.

So getting your vehicle back on the road in pristine order has never been easier. PDR is mobile, cost effective, quick and also eco-friendly making it highly popular among both taxi service providers as well as private vehicle owners.


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