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Politique d'accessibilité d'OpenWeb |

Politique d'accessibilité d'OpenWeb | | accessibilite |
Accès clavier : Pour accéder au moteur de recherche à l'aide du clavier, utilisez la touche 4 : sous Windows, avec les (...)
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Web Accessibility Checklist

Web Accessibility Checklist | accessibilite |
Whether your course includes one web assignment or is a full-blown online journey, you need to ensure your content is accessible. Download this web accessibility checklist to ensure your course contains accessibility standards.

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A Web for Everyone: Accessibility as a design problem.

Let's get past the idea that checklists and compliance all there is to accessibility. Designing for accessibility is a user experience design problem, starting
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Google - Web Accessibility is NOT Just for Blind

Google - Web Accessibility is NOT Just for Blind | accessibilite |

Google recently set up a course in web "accessibility" which may sound great at first. Until they start the paragraph with: "According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people have vision impairments.


As if people who are blind or have low vision are the only users with disabilities having difficulties using websites. What about people with other disabilities? It is not the first time when an organization or an individual talks about web accessibility as something only for blind users.

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WebAIM: PDF Accessibility - Converting Documents to PDF

WebAIM: PDF Accessibility - Converting Documents to PDF | accessibilite |

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PDF accessibility - good info

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Web Content Accessibility Checker Pitched At Wider Audience | E-Access Bulletin

An updated version of a free web content accessibility checker, originally developed because its creator was frustrated at the limitations of similar products, has been launched in JavaScript to allow wider usage.


QUAIL ( ) is a piece of software that uses more than 200 tests to assess if web content conforms to the widely used Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.


Kevin Miller, a web developer at California State University, Monterey Bay, developed the first version in 2009 after he found other accessibility checkers that he used in his job too limited. “I wrote QUAIL out of frustration about what products were out there at the time,” Miller told E-Access Bulletin.


Issues for which QUAIL can test include seeing if headers on web pages are being used correctly; if links to other pages make sense when read on their own – perhaps by a screen-reader; and if images have appropriate text to describe them for someone who cannot see the image. It can be used to provide accessibility checking for any web page, including learning management systems, social media sites or content management systems.


The software is aimed primarily at developers and content authors. “Ultimately, the goal was to provide instant feedback to content creators, kind of like spell-check-as-you-type lets users know they misspelled a word with a red underline, QUAIL can do the same about images missing a description … When a document is easier to read for everyone, it’s also a big win for users with assistive technology” Miller said.


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Responsive Web Design and Accessibility :: UXmatters

Responsive Web Design and Accessibility :: UXmatters | accessibilite |

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In this edition of Ask UXmatters, our experts discuss how responsive Web design and accessibility fit together.