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Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys
Hi, I’m Anisha. As Founder and President of ARK Consulting Group, I help organizations identify the strategies, structure, people, and partners to create sustainability. I specialize in strategic fundraising planning, corporate sponsorship, training workshops and helping organizations identify and implement viable, diverse fundraising. Here's where I share my thoughts on sustainability.
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 Make the Presentation Count 

 Make the Presentation Count  | Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys |
How often have you added pictures or gifs to a PowerPoint presentation to spice it up? It turns out that these fun additions can actually negatively impact your audience's learning. This is especially important for educators and students…

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Q2 To Do's For #Sustainability #DiversifyIncomeStreams

Q2 To Do's For #Sustainability #DiversifyIncomeStreams | Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys |

Dear Non-Profit Organization: We are almost through the first month of Q2. What's on your to-do list? Are they the right things? Do they position your organization to meet your goals and remain sustainable?

I'll be posting a few of the Q2 To Do's that are working for my clients. Got questions?


Schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery session (limited slots available):

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About Me #anisharkeeys #iamanisha

About Me #anisharkeeys #iamanisha | Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys |

Founder, Anisha Robinson Keeys

As Founder and President of ARK Consulting Group,  Anisha advises corporations and philanthropists on how to make the largest impact with their money. Anisha also helps organizations and thought leaders with corporate sponsorship and organizational development. In addition to operating a consulting practice, Anisha has held leadership roles with organizations including The American Heart Association where she developed and introduced the American Heart Walk in the Philadelphia region and Teach For America, where she increased the number of financial resources and diverse staff. Anisha also worked at the American Red Cross, where she significantly increased fundraising, community engagement and ran the most successful special events program in the history of the organization. In 2006, Anisha was awarded the prestigious American Red Cross’ Spirit of Excellence Award.


Anisha holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Chestnut Hill College. She is a member Woman Donors Network, where she serves as an advisor for the Reflective Democracy Initiative and a Trustee for the Montgomery County Community College. She also serves on the board of directors for the MONTCO foundation, Columbia North YMCA, Anna 1919 Foundation, and the Solomon Principal Group.


A frequent speaker at conferences and leadership retreats, Anisha speaks passionately about a variety of issues including corporate sponsorship, diversity, building your personal brand, social media, and fundraising. Anisha is the author of the book and curriculum: Get Corporate Sponsorship: A Step By Step Guide To Securing Funding From Corporations, 72 Retailers That Want To Help You Raise Money, 84 Things A Corporation Will Buy From You,  and The 5 Habits Of Rockstar Sponsorship Seekers. 


For more information on how Anisha can work with your organization, speak at your conference or to get resource articles, visit us at or You can email Anisha directly at or call: 917.830.6317.



Anisha has worked with clients ranging from small to large international non-profit organizations. Current and past clients and employers include (but are not limited to):  


Arts and Culture 1

+1+1=ONE- Brooklyn, NY

Act 2 Playhouse- Ambler, PA

Klein Art Gallery (of the Science Center)- Philadelphia, PA  



American Lung Association- Seattle, WA

American Society of Echocardiography- Raleigh,  NC

North Carolina Association of Fundraising Professionals, USA  


Community Development

Northwest Community Development Corporation- Philadelphia, PA

PA First Home Alliance- Washington, D.C.

Science Center of University City- Philadelphia, PA  



Aupaircare- San Francisco, CA

Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship- Philadelphia, PA

Dreams Coalition Inc- Tulsa, OK

Kinetic Potential Scholars- Washington, DC

DC Live Life Again- Newark, NJ

Living Battlefield- Columbus, SC

Melinda F. Emerson Foundation for Small Business Success-Drexel Hill, PA

Solomon Principal Group, Philadelphia, PA

Sustainable Business Plan Competition- Philadelphia PA

Teach For America- USA  



American Heart Association- Conshohocken, PA

Genesis II Inc. – Philadelphia, PA

Manhattan Staten Island AHEC- New York, NY

Maternity Care Coalition- Philadelphia, PA

Nursebuilders Inc.- Philadelphia, PA  



American Red Cross- Philadelphia, PA

BuildABridge International- Philadelphia, PA

Darfur Alert Coalition- Philadelphia, PA

Delaware for Wounded US Soldiers- Wilmington, DE

Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger- Philadelphia, PA

Prisoner Visitation and Support- USA

Rosebug 1919 Foundation, Philadelphia PA  



HelmsBriscoe Scottsdale, AZ

MFE Consulting, Drexel Hill, PA  


Womens Empowerment

Everywoman Enterprises, USA

Girl Talk Unplugged, USA  



Camp Possibilities- Wilmington, DE

City Wide Improvement and Planning Agency- Philadelphia, PA

Digital Network Community Development Corporation- Prince George, MD

East Germantown Recreation Center- Philadelphia, PA

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Up Your Fundraising Game

Up Your Fundraising Game | Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys |

Each month I offer a limited number of Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Sessions


To be clear, this isn’t a free coaching call. This is a personalized consultation to help you to quickly gain clarity on what you want to achieve in your organization and what is preventing you from becoming even more sustainable.


It’s a process to help you decide if we should work together and if I can help you achieve your organizations' goals

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10 steps to attract corporate sponsors for your organization. 

Getting funding from corporations may be a great opportunity for your organization, but you can damage your brand if you do not go about it the right way. You want to develop a prospect list of warm leads, prepare a strong proposal, and approach a sponsor, ultimately persuading them to support your cause or program. Here are 10 steps to attract corporate sponsors for your organization.

1. Understand the difference between corporate philanthropy and sponsorship. Philanthropy is typically motivated by altruism and promotes a business as a good corporate citizen. Sponsorship comes with the expectation of a financial return. This post is about sponsorship.


2. Be Original. Stand out from the hundreds of proposals and business plans that corporate sponsors review every week. Ask your customers, stakeholders, and staff who they know and focus first on those sources. Other sources to consider Your vendors and the vendors of your supporters.


3. Do your research. Know something about your potential sponsor’s history, vision, and mission, goals and funding criteria. You can often get a sense of how sponsors have supported other businesses by looking at their recent articles, press releases, and events.


4. Be able to explain your organization’s value proposition. What benefit does it provide to customers in terms of cost savings, increased effectiveness, etc.?


5. Your proposal does not have to be fancy. To be viewed favorably, your proposal must include a logical and feasible plan for high growth potential for your business. If you have a connection to your potential sponsor, he or she will consider your modestly designed proposal over the glossy, fancy proposal from someone they don’t know.


6. Make a good business pitch. Include an overview of your history and track record; your product or service and its value to the consumer; a description of the overall market and a detailed description of your target market; the strengths and weaknesses of your key competitors and how you size up against them; your management team and advisors; an accurate picture of your current and future financials; and a clear, persuasive explanation about why your business offers an opportunity for a solid return on their sponsorship.


7. Meet in person. Have the person who introduced you to the sponsor arrange and attend the meeting with you. During the meeting, ask open-ended questions about your sponsor’s goals and funding priorities – and then listen.


8. Be clear about what you want. Use phrases such as: “Here’s how you can partner with our organization,” or “Ideally, you could…” and then insert the action you want them to take.


9. Know the next steps. Get an understanding of when you should expect to hear back from the sponsor.


10. Immediately send a short thank you note. Make sure it recaps the mutual benefits you proposed. Whether or not you get funding, keep your prospect informed of your work and strengthen your chance of getting their support in the future. Note: Ask for permission and make sure you are not violating email spam laws.


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Top 10 Shameless Movie Product Placements

One minute, we're watching a movie. The next minute, it's a commercial. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 shameles
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“You Only Learn Who Is Swimming Naked When The Tide Goes Out.” -Warren Buffet 

“You Only Learn Who Is Swimming Naked When The Tide Goes Out.” -Warren Buffet  | Anisha Robinson Keeys #iamanisha #anisharkeeys |


This quote from Warren Buffet may conjure graphic imagery, but trust me that this post is rated “G”.


In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with several Executive Directors who’ve found themselves “naked”  in a precarious fundraising environment.


I’m sharing these conversations in hopes that your organization doesn’t make some of the same mistakes. I’ve promised each Executive Director anonymity.  So names and other incriminating details have been concealed to protect the “naked”.


Here are some of their challenges:

  1. Failing to diversify fundraising efforts. Given today’s environment, all nonprofits, even those that have historically raised money from just one source, should consider expanding the ways they generate revenue. Create a fundraising plan with a broad reach. Such a plan should target income from a variety of places, including individual donors, corporations, and foundations, as well as earned income from special events and the sale of products and services.
    are five major areas of fundraising: Individual and Corporate Giving, Foundations and Grants, Special Events and Earned Income.
  2. Unexpectedly losing a long time dynamic organization leader. This naked offender doesn’t have a succession plan. And now suspects that top volunteers and donors may have followed the leader out the door.According to BoardSource’s most recent reports, only 34% of nonprofits surveyed reported that they had a written succession plan in place. The National Council of NonProfits recommends tapping into your state association of nonprofits for special programs designed to address leadership transitions.
  3. Being complacent about getting up and running with a donor database. Donor data is one of a nonprofit organization’s most valuable assets, so if you don’t have a system, check out this comparison of some of the most popular database tools for nonprofits. Make a commitment to nurturing your donor data!  It matters. And proper fundraising software can do much more than MS Excel 

    The best way to ensure that your organization loses revenue and goodwill is to stop asking for money and support. In good times and bad, stay positive and creative. Keep pushing hard to ensure sustainability, survival and fulfilling your promise to serve your community!



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