Quora is taking a step beyond Q&A this morning with its latest product launch, boards.


**Users can now set up their own personal-themed bookmarking boards, sort of like a Pinterest for text-based information.


Board onboarding (heh) is easy. Users who want to create a board will now see a “Create a board” option at the top right of Quora and on their header dashboard.


**Anything can be posted to a board, whether it be links to web content like news and video, images, stuff on Quora like Questions and answers or text commentary.


**Users can post content directly from Quora by clicking on the ‘Repost’ option under every question.


**Board Owners can add Authors and Followers to a board, as well as pay to add Topics.


**They can also set up the board in a grid or list format.


****The most interesting feature of boards, from a utility aspect, is that Authors can set up following granularity to public — i.e. everyone who follows the board Author will see content or limited only board followers.


**Boards will also now show up on Topics pages, as well as on your personal Quora profile page.


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