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'The Hunger Games' ignites the ALA's list of most challenged books - CNN.com

'The Hunger Games' ignites the ALA's list of most challenged books - CNN.com | About The American Dream | Scoop.it
"The Hunger Games" movie may not have had trouble earning a PG-13 rating, but many parents and educators are wondering whether the best-selling book trilogy belongs on library shelves.

Via Alida Hanson
Sharif I 's comment, October 28, 2012 10:43 PM
When books are challenged, it's usually for a very specific reason. An example would be finding a book in a school's library and seeing that it had a word used in a bad way or just a simple swear word. With the hunger Games, this book became huge with kids all around america and Europe because of its mix of action, drama, and love. Recently it has been challenged by some parents and educators if it belongs in the hands of kids. The most common problem found with it is that it is a dystopia where kids are chosen to be in a battle every year where there is only one victor. Its gruesome, but it is still a good story. The movie did a good job of reflecting the authors intentions on how the scenes were produced and therefore, the movie made millions of dollars and was a huge public sensation. Like most public sensations, there are some pessimistic people that must find faults or problems with them. In this case, the movie made the Hunger Games book even more popular than it was before, and it sparked some questions. Most of the questions were from overprotective parents that were trying to do a good deed for their children. Most of them probably didnt even read the book and they are only repeating what others have said. I always find it really interesting when parents are more protective of their kids reading a violent book than letting their kids play actual video games where they can kill people.... just sayin
Scott Crabb's comment, October 30, 2012 4:06 PM
I agree with what you said. In this age kids can get access to much worse things than a simple fiction story. Ex. video games, internet articles, pictures
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Debt is drowning the American Dream Outside the Box

Debt is drowning the American Dream Outside the Box | About The American Dream | Scoop.it

By Satyajit Das:


"... Whoever wakes up in the White House after the inauguration ball will have to soberly confront the ugly reality of the U.S. government’s oppressive debt levels, writes Satyajit Das.


"U.S. government debt currently totals around $16 trillion. The Treasury estimates that this debt will rise to around $20 trillion by 2015, over 100% of America’s Gross Domestic Product.

That’s not counting other current and contingent commitments not explicitly included in the debt figures — government support for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (known as government-sponsored enterprises) of over US$5 trillion and unfunded obligations of over $65 trillion for programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. State governments and municipalities have additional debt of around $3 trillion. ..."


"... Michael Belkin predicts 40% stock market drop... "


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Via Hal
Sharif I 's comment, October 28, 2012 10:29 PM
It used to be that people from all over the world would want to come to america and live the american dream. This is still true to some that have it worst, but for the people here, it seems the dream is getting thinner and fading away with each passing week. This article shows the complications of a financial system that is the foundations of this very country. Money can only be made with trade, and with every dollar printed here, we lose a dollar to debt. A simple way to sum it up would be that we have a financial system that is based on debt and is one of the key factors of what is slowly crumbling the american dream. America is still one of the greatest countries or places to live in the world since we have a strong government and free people. But the american dream is possibly being drowned by too many problems that our own government creates.
Hal's comment, October 30, 2012 6:49 PM
I very much agree, the debt based system is slowly killing us.