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The English Language Cafe at Barney's is a great place to come and practice your conversational and listening skills.

The Cafe is facilitated by members of the Launceston community who volunteer their time to assist anyone who speaks English as a second language.

In our first year - 2012 - we have seen over 100 individuals come and enjoy the discussion and activities at the Cafe. Each week at the Cafe the volunteers present a topic for discussion, and then we all enjoy the discussion and variety of activities around that topic. Some of the topics that we presented this year included: driving, food, greetings, small talk, Aussie animals, destinations to go to in Tasmania and beach safety. The Cafe is not only a place to practice English, but a wonderful place to met new friends and be involved in a fun, caring community.

This is what some of those attending said about what they enjoyed about the English Language Cafe at Barney's:

"Meeting new friends and yummy coffee" Jims, China

"It helps me expanding my vocabulary, moreover, the volunteers are awesome and correct my English mistakes such as pronunciation. Everybody is friendly" Viet, Vietnam

" I have been enjoying the interesting topics that has helped us merge with Aussie culture and find good fiends from different countries. The most enjoyable thing here is how friendly people are and how they spend their valuable times with us helping improve our communication skills." Rahman, Iran

"The Cafe has helped me to improve my listening and speaking skills.
Furthermore, in here I has got opportunities to practice my English which is very supportive." Mike, China

"I have, amazingly, improved my listening and speaking!! I enjoy socializing with people here." MinHee, South Korea

The English Language Cafe at Barney's will be starting on Monday 18th February 2013, 7:30pm-9:00pm

The local community members of St Barney's look forward to seeing you there!!

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