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WTHIOhio Catholic leaders oppose birth control rulesCanton RepositoryTheir dioceses In the similarly worded letters, they say they won't comply with a requirement for health coverage of services such as contraception, abortion-inducing drugs or...

1. Forcing a religious institutions to preform unconstitutional services.

2.-Federal government's new decisions.

 - The Catholic Church opposition and views toward Human Services.

 - Religious freedom in today's US.

3. Many church affiliated groups will not comply with this unjust law, they will make an effort to regain relious freedom.

4. Yes, the writer states his opinion when he states, "The govenment is overstepping its bounds in a big way."

6. The columnist is apart of a community of faith, and believes that justice may prevail, and religious liberty may be restored.

7. This article was aimed for a faithful audience, church affiliated services, but mainly to the Catholic Diocese of the United States.

8. Yes I agree. For one, I am also of the Catholic faith, this column supports many views that I already have, as well as adding a few that disagrees with this unjust law.

Part B

2.  One of the main stradegies the writer uses in this column is ethical appeal. His vocabulary toward the government, and their view on the new Human Services law, "strikes [him] as an egregious violation of conscience," and believes the government is overstepping its bounds. The columnist also portrays us as being cheated and treated unconstitutionally by the federal government. More and more throughout this article, there is a "Good" and "Bad" side, which of course depending on your religious and/or political views, combined with your ethical view, decides your decision and side of this contraversial debate.