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1. "Daily MailAbortion Controversy Reaches Boiling Point with new Ultrasound billWAAYAlways controversial, the topic of abortion is now at a boiling point in Alabama ."

2. The facts the author provides are, most importantly, offering more insight to the problem. The author states that "the new law would require physicians to perform an obstetric ultrasound, provide verbal explanation of the ultrasound, and display the images to the pregnant woman before performing an abortion."

3. The writer's opinion is that the bill is very controversial, but it could save many young lives.

4. Not really, but the author does say that the bill "would be a physical and emotional discomfort" but "it might would help them consider what they're doing, if there is a real life there."

6. I learned that this is a very controversial bill because it is impacting women's rights, but then again it could save thousands of lives. That would make it worth it to me.

7. I think it is written for people in the Alabama community to hear how their state government is handling things, and I think this article is for women, especially. Now they can read for themselves what the government is doing to try and control this controversy.

8. It does for me. The author gives enough facts on both sides of the issue. The author lets the reader decide their own opinion; however, the author's voice is still heard on what she believes in.


Part B

2. The author uses rhetorical strategies in her article. For example, the writer states "always controversial, the topic of abortion is now at a boiling point in Alabama." as her first sentence. This strategy is like a hook to the reader. It grabs them and pulls them into the story. By stating that Alabama is at their "boiling point" over abortion adds connotation to the story. Just that statement alone allows the reader to see the urgency of the topic. Abortion is no light matter; it can either be seen as murder (like how Clay Scofield from the article sees it), or it can be seen as a way out for countless young mothers in desperation. No matter the opinion of the reader, the author uses her rhetorical strategies to give you the facts of this very controversial problem.