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"This is my heart. It is a good heart.

Weaves a membrane of mist and fire.

When we speak of love in the flower  world

My heart is close enough to sing to  you

In a language too clumsy

For human words.

—from “This Is My Heart” by Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo’s newly released memoir, Crazy Brave (Norton, 2012),  dances into hard truth.

Her fine crafting of words and deft braiding of mythic visions throughout the  text almost—­almost—draw you past the truth of her personal story. That  story is harsh and scary, mystical and loving, and, ultimately, triumphant and  healing.

Harjo, Mvskoke (Creek), has a broad range of options from which to choose for  expressing herself and her stories. The accomplished musician who has released  five CDs might use her voice, her saxophone, her flutes (Native and concert) or  her guitar to tell a tale. She is also a poet and a playwright, publishing 14  books of verse, children’s stories and prose."


- Konnie LeMay, ICTMN