Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc
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Scooped by Joseph Smith

Our People - Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc

Joseph Smith's insight:

Our Peoples Individual resumes range as follows:

• Banner Consulting, Direct Management, Project Management, Advisory Consulting, Technical and Functional services from 4-12 years. Multi-product capabilities severing large to small higher education clients.

Banner Consulting Experience:
• Project management, advisory consulting for university systems, multi-year/site projects.

• Project management for multi-product implementations for single site clients.

• Lead consulting and implementation roles for all sizes of projects (by system module)

• Production consulting and on-going support of production systems (all system suites)


SCT/Sungard/Ellucian Experience:

• Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian consultants

• Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian senior management

• Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian clients


Other Related Industry Experience:

• Big Five management and consulting experience

• Competitive ERP product experience (consulting and management) Higher Education Staff Experience:

• Managerial

• Administrative

• Technical


Visit our website at Abney Ramsay Associates http://www.araainc.com/home

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Scooped by Joseph Smith

Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc ARAA Group Inc

Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc ARAA Group Inc | Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc | Scoop.it
Joseph Smith's insight:


Innovating processes, management and methods.



Economizing through methods, technology, and direct cost with practical measurable applications.



Results in business process and process management improvement, through proven technologies and sustainable methods.


ARAA Group Inc


We are an independent consulting firm specializing in the support of Higher Education business processes through Ellucian's Banner™ suite of administrative systems.


Our solutions are based on our collective best practice experience supporting the Banner systems over 14 years. We have deployed our solutions across the full Banner™ client spectrum using a variety of technologies and tools developed and integrated over the years to achieve the clients objectives with sustainable and measurable results.


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