Buddhism as a religion was started by a spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent called Gautama Buddha. The orginal name of Gautama Buddha was Siddhartha. As Buddhism took its form in the Indian sub continent, there are many Buddhist places to visit throuout the country. The past times of Lord Buddha are well present throughout the Northern India. India has all modes of transportation according to your comfort. It is best recommended to take the rail as it reaches to all corners of India.


The tour to all the Buddhist places in India can be best started by visiting Bodhgaya a place in the state called Bihar. This is the place where Lord Buddha got enlightened under the tree called Bodhi Tree. This place gets many believers from across the globe regualarly. This is very nice place to visit and is located on the banks of the river Niranjana. The temple called the Mahabothi temple in Bodhgaya is a very well constructed temple in Bodh Gaya. Apart from Bodh Gaya, there are three other very important Buddhist piligrimage places. Among them two are located in India and other one is located in Nepal. The important Buddhist piligrimage places in India are Kushinagar and Sarnath.


Another important Buddhist piligrimage site located in Uttar Pradesh is a place called Kushi Nagar. This was the place where Lord Buddha left Earth. There is a cremation site of Gautama Buddha constructed called Makutabandhana. A place in Varanasi which holds great importance for the Buddhist culture is Sarnath. This was the place where Lord Buddha preached the Buddhist Dharma. It was mentioned by Lord Buddha that Sarnath is one of the four piligrimage places that his devout followers should visit.


A place is Sankasia located in Uttar Pradesh also holds great importance for the past times of Lord Buddha at this place. This was the place where Lord Buddha along with the other gods gave sermons to his mother in heaven. It is in this place where he descended and there is a temple constructed at this place. This temple is dedicated to a Hindu Goddess called Bisari Devi.


Buddhism in India is highly practiced in the North Eastern states and a few states in North India. The number of Buddhist temples is comparatively very less in South India. Towards Jammu and Kashmir, there are many Buddhist monasteries located among the snow filled area. Some of the well known monastries here include the Dzongkul Monastry which a place for those who practice Yoga. This monastry is based on the Tibetian Buddhism. An important festival takes place in this monastry called the Zongkhul Huchot festival which offers a great experience.


There are many more monastries located in the states such as Himachal Pradesh, Maharastra, Orissa and Sikkim. All these monastries function on the rules of Tibetian Buddhism. There are several local tourism companies which offer Buddhism piligrimage packages with comfortable accomodation and transportation. Choosing such packages would save time and you would get to see the most important Buddhist places to see in India.