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Please Pray and HELP US to buy a MOTOR CYCLE RICKSHAW for Sunday school and CHRIST PUBLIC School’s orphan kids who come from far & mostly they come late at school and miss their lessons. Through evangelize the kids & people and give them awareness, from the Word of Life, how to walk in the word of God to win thirsty souls, empty and lost lives and broken hearts for the kingdom of Jesus Christ....
We are working in rural areas of Pakistan. We are in need of a MOTOR CYCLE RICKSHAW – NEW RICKSHAW Cos is $1500. We need RICKSHAW to reach the BACKWARD AREAS & villages. Keep us in prayer to that we are going to open 2nd branch of CHRIST PUBLIC SCHOOL soon.
Visit us ; http://christpublicschool.com , Your brother in Christ. PRINCIPAL Amin IssacChrist_p_school@yahoo.com
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