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For those consumers who are looking for an effective way to payday lonas no credit check deal with debts on credit cards and other financial requirements, however, for low-rate loan debt consolidation may be helpful.

Meanwhile, creating a budget has been shown that the main objective of those who want to understand their money management.


These consumers constitute 41 percent of respondents. In addition, one in ten will be in search of work, offering higher wages. The study also showed that 14 percent of consumers will spend less time and money on communication and culture in an attempt to reduce their costs.


Commenting on the figures, James Ward, marketing director of Friends Provident, said: "The credit crunch is already affecting consumers, both financially and psychologically. Our study showed that 40 percent of people are worried more about their finances because of the credit crisis. The trick is to use this attention and do something positive as overhauls its finances, budgeting effectively and invest in a way that makes it work smarter for your needs. "


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