Notes on Post-Dialectics - Bonnitta Roy | A New Society, a new education! |

.......Why does it matter? For one, I believe that the current situation we are in with respect to our planet and environment cannot be addressed (much less solved) from dialectic mind, because dialectic mind cannot breach the dialectical separation of nature and people – there is only the everyday bardo framework of “either we are part of nature or nature is a construct of people). There is a lengthy, sophisticated critique in this, based on the need for the dialectical mind to find a “trump card” – to conveniently situate something as a part within a greater whole. To use our previous example, “nature” and “people” are fully separated from some “prior ground” – it is this “prior ground” that the dialectical mind never accesses, because it is the *view* which is not a perspective.

Via Anne Caspari