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Robin Good: What is it that drives an increasing number of people to develop small, micro-businesses online instead of looking for the next best-paying position inside a company?

The online creative crowdsourcing community Fiverr asked its users, who offer all kind of skills and services for a base fee of $5, and got some interesting responses.


From the original article at Co.Exist:


"The micro-entrepreneurship economy--an economy that allows people to make money off their skills and assets--is rapidly growing, led by an army of freelancers and fully employed workers who want to make extra cash on the side.


86% of respondents are looking for job independence.


80% are frustrated with the 9 to 5 grind. The top six frustrations: lack of freedom, not making enough cash, working regular business hours, reporting to a manager, commuting, and boredom.


72% of respondents say their primary motivation for joining Fiverr is the money.


40% of users started using the service to have fun while making money, and 32% are hoping to gain more professional experience.


Some people aren’t straying far from their day jobs--42% offer skills that they also use in their full-time job.


But 35% are angling to monetize a hobby."



Informative. Interesting. 8/10


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