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1 The root cause of today’s global crises originates between our ears — in our outdated paradigms of economic thought

2 The blind spot of modern economic thought can be summarized with a single word: consciousness

3 The evolution of the economy and of modern economic thought mirrors the footprints of an evolving human consciousness

4 To paraphrase Einstein, the problem with today’s capitalism is that we are trying “to solve problems with the same consciousness that created them

5 ”Helping stakeholder systems shift their way of operating from ego-system to eco-system awareness is the central leadership challenge of our time

6 The shift from ego-system to eco-system awareness requires a journey that involves walking in the shoes of other stakeholders and attending to the three instruments of inner knowing: open mind, open heart, and open will

7 Addressing the current global crisis at its root calls for a 4.0 update of the economic operating system through reframing eight “acupuncture points” of the global economic system

8 Shifting the system to 4.0 requires a threefold revolution

9 We need new types of innovation infrastructures in order to build collective leadership capacities on a massive scale

10 The shift from an ego-system to an eco-system economy requires a global movement that needs to be supported by a new leadership school. That school should create collaborative platforms across sectors, systems, and generations and work through integrating science, art, and the practice of profound, awareness-based change