A clean, charming and seductive outline is the first thing that will get you engaged with
the newest online newspaper: http://newsduet.net. You will be surprised by the simplicity of
the layout and range of news you will see here.
Although the site is still a baby, it has already conquered thousands of followers all around
the world. Curious why? The news are easy to read and catch you by how easy and clear all is.
But where did it came from? All started in the head of Udaya Birdi, owner of the Birdi 
Productions, a young entrepreneur born and raised in India. Udaya Birdi, a tech lover,
took this love of his into the communications industry and one of the results of his energy,
dedication and knowledge is newsduet.net.
For now, the topic of the news embraced by this online newspaper are: “Business”,
“Technology”, “Health”, “Science”, “World” and, of course”, “India”. The team has 5
collaborators, being Udaya Birdi one of the hands on deck.
Some more topics will be added soon and, of course, some adjustments and small changes
will come. After all, is a new born project so it is to expect that the “clothes” it is wearing now
won’t fit in a couple of months. But this is one of the great things about newsduet: it changes, it
embraces new and challenging topics, news and ideas, it listen to you, you and you.
If you still don’t know this online newspaper, don’t waste any more time:
http://newsduet.net. Click and go! A lovely duet, where ideas, thoughts and knowledge are
more than welcome.