The Importance of Place | A man with good personality |

I live in a densly populated town in an Asian country. Its poplation is about 15 milion with 815.8 km⊃2;. Though it is a historical city it is losing its historic importance day by day. The beople living here mostly middle earner and cant afford all the needs they have. Unemployment is the key prolem among the young generation in the city. Law and order are also not improved and people face problems every day and night. The city dwellers are becoming with their attic hut and depriving their relatives living in countryside. 



Using the vocabulary of this course, please describe in detail the geographic context of a town like this (real or imaginary).  What is the town like?  How did it get that way?  What type of meaning does 'place' have for those that live there?  

Via Seth Dixon