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Introducing the SignOn petition protesting Applebee's decision to cut worker hours in order to duck Obamacare, New Faculty Majority Coalition writes


Remind you of something? #CCAC, YoungstownU & Snakes in a Loophole. Sign the petition. Send a message. Share. 

Tell Applebee's: Do NOT cut workers' hours to avoid ObamaCare

We'll be adding this to the Petition Junction page & reposting here at intervals, with updates on ongoing campaigns. That's the new petition system: 1st post or radical reminder/update will be a stand alone post. Reminders will cover multiple petitions. That way we can give them more equal attention and avoid cluttering the page. 

You can introduce a petition by posting it yourself, like PSC/CUNY did, or even, within reason, give it a boost in the same way. Maybe someone will create and maintain an ad_con petition page. 

Any questions?