Crowdsourcing a Compilation of Adjunct Working Conditions | A is for Adjunct |

Don't skip clicking the link to the Google Doc at Add your information. It's important. Read the post alread and added information? That's nice. Now revisit the post. scroll down and catch up on all the comments posted since then. It's as busy as any comment section on IHE or the Chronicle ~ minus trolls too.  Then revisit the crowdsourcing doc and read the comments there too.


Josh Boldt's post on his blog, Copy & Paste, and the accompanying crowdsourcing GoogleDoc are, if not going viral, then well on the way, ~ at least in the adjunctiverse corner of academentia. Both gather more viewers and comments by the day Now, with international interest and a recent hat tip in major academic media, the gates of the adjunct information ghetto are opening. There is surely more to come too: adunct interest in crowdsourcing is growing.


Josh opens, "Yesterday, Michael Bérubé, president of the Modern Language Association and newfound hero of contingent faculty everywhere, published the essay "Among the Majority" on the MLA web,, ... "


Taking Bérubé's comments on adjunct pay inequity (so well known by us but too often brushed off  by administration, tenured faculty and the general public), Josh proposes and initiates action: crowdsouce to collect information about pay and working conditions to share and make public ~ throw open the windows and let the sun shine in. He explains, 


"In order to begin this process, I’ve created a Google Doc to crowdsource information from adjuncts about the conditions at their respective universities. Things like course pay, benefits, retirement, and contracts. Let’s combine forces and establish which schools are doing good work, and which are doing bad. Fill in as much information as you feel comfortable doing, and be sure to tweet this document and share it via Facebook, email, listserv, or anywhere else you can think of."