'Mad Men' Gets Publicity It Couldn't Buy At New York Library | A Cultural History of Advertising | Scoop.it
'Mad Men' Gets Publicity It Couldn't Buy - 02/14/2012...


"The displays – which will probably stay up through the end of the month -- don’t scream “Mad Men.” Each window has a Draper portrait in black and white and this being a library, one has several recent books about the show."

"Each of the Parrott-designed windows offers similar meticulousness. Vintage print ads are tacked on the walls, with several directly linked to the show’s plots."

"No “Mad Men’ display would be worth much without nods to the characters’ vices. So, there’s an ashtray with a finished cigarette. There are remnants of an affair – a pair of ladies’ shoes with a ruffled tie intertwined and cuff links to the side. And, multiple drained bottles of booze."