What it Says-What it Means: The Circus is coming to town | A Cultural History of Advertising | Scoop.it

My re-writing of the old quote explaining the differences between advertising, sales promotion, publicity and sales..written in 2009- still stands up not too bad --kh


""If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying "Circus Coming to the Fairground Saturday," that's advertising. If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk it into town, that's promotion. If the elephant walks through the mayor's flower bed, that's publicity. And if you get the mayor to laugh about it, that's public relations.

If you make the elephant run through the mayor’s flower bed, that’s guerrilla marketing. If you run a contest and ask everyone to create their own videos about circus animals running amok, that’s user generated content. If they post their videos and forward them to their friends, that’s viral marketing.........."