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In order to fully understand the mentality and psychology of the Palestinian people, one must understand the history of the land, the religions on both sides; so many things come into play. One cannot judge anyone if they are not put in their situation and state of mind. Society in the West is quick to judge who’s right and who’s wrong. This week the Zionist entity celebrated 61 years of ethnic cleansing: stealing Palestinian land, murdering and massacring Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, and Iraqis. 65 years of the Zionist entity being recognized by the international community, though its colonial regime is 126 years old this year. Zionists hold nearly all the power in the Israel-Palestine conflict and much of the power in the culture wars the conflict inspires. They have more funds, better access to corporate media, and the backing of the American military. The Palestinians, however, hold one form of power that doesn’t require money, media sympathy, or weaponry: the legitimacy that Zionists so desperately want us to confer to Israel. It is a small power, one without a material apparatus, but it is power, nevertheless, one I am unwilling to relinquish, one I have no moral obligation to relinquish. Zionists already took Palestine. Now they’re trying to appropriate our right to resist, too. I am happy, eager even, to affirm the right of Jewish people to live in peace and security, wherever that may be, a right that all humans deserve in no particular order of worthiness. But I won’t celebrate Israel’s bloody founding and its goal of retaining a juridical ethnocentrism. Ultimately, when Zionists demand that you affirm Israel’s right to exist, what they are really asking for is your validation. Don’t give it to them. Until Israel treats the Palestinians equally and humanely, it won’t have earned the right to a celebrated existence. Israeli Foreign Minister and ex-Mossad spy Tzipi Livni visited Egypt invited by President Hosni Mubarak 25 December 2008 and threatened military action to change the situation in Gaza. On Saturday 27 December, Israel started its war against Gaza. Israel planned the war on Gaza for between six to eight months earlier with four main goals: to end Hamas control and the firing of home-made rockets on Israeli settlements to lift the morale of the Israeli army defeated in the 2006 Lebanon War and to restore its image as invincible one of the most important Israeli propaganda ploys used to scare Arab leaders for decades; serve towards winning pending Israeli elections; prepare the stage to end forever talks about a Palestinian state and to evacuate or "transfer" 1948 Arab citizens from their occupied Palestinian land currently called Israel as repeatedly stated by Israeli leaders, including Livni. To be sure, Israel succeeded in inflicting very heavy civilian casualties in the densely populated Gaza Strip and huge damage to its infrastructure. However, the real question is Did Israel break Palestinians' will to resist and regain occupied Palestine? History repeats itself but in this case way to fast. Israel constant excuses for war need to come to an end. To be a Palestinian in this world today is a truly unique experience. You are made to and in fact, begin to feel that you are "different" from everyone else the minute that you start to understand and comprehend what your birthright means for you. By the simple fact of being born on and living on that small piece of real estate between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, your life takes you on a path that others cannot fully comprehend. Simple arrival in this world is looked at with suspicion and no small amount of concern. You are not just another baby: you are a statistic to be counted and watched by those who worry not about your welfare or your future, but about the fact that another Palestinian has been added to the 'demographic equation’. Those that watch the demographics with concern would be happier if you were never born at all, and if in you had to come into "their world", it would better elsewhere. Your arrival adds to their worry that they would lose the majority. A majority based on the "exclusivity" of a "chosen" race and religion, even though you can trace your ancestors to that piece of land for thousands of years, in the eyes of the demographers, you are not welcome there. From the very first day that you could understand your surroundings, you begin to comprehend the burden of being a Palestinian. While other children in the world learn and play in an atmosphere of relative safety and bliss, you cannot. Your life is regulated by the ever present occupiers: settlers and their soldiers. While other kids retain the innocence that goes with childhood, yours is shattered and traumatized by the sights and sounds of the endless war of attrition surrounding you. Things that would make adults cringe with horror in other parts of the world are a part of your everyday life and in fact, become "routine". You become as hard as your surroundings. The games of childhood are no longer innocent and lose meaning or interest to you. The games that you play reflect the desperation of your Palestinian reality. While others plan and look forward to a future, you are concerned only with surviving the present. Your father, once the pillar of your life, the man who made you feel safe and secure, can no longer find work to support your family. He is stripped of his clothes and his honor, right there, in full view of the world: you begin to see that he cannot be the guarantor of your wellbeing. Your heart aches to see him in such light. In your youthful anger, you want him to lash out and defy, resuming his proper place in your eyes. Yet the reality is that he cannot, and you begin to understand that it is not out of fear for his own safety, but from his fear for the wellbeing of yourself and siblings. You begin to understand the great burden that he must shoulder in silence, suffering alone. Your mother, the symbol of all that is good and pure in this world, is reduced to begging and pleading just to be able to move from one area to the next. You watch in horror and rage as a young Israeli soldier yells profanities and makes derogatory remarks to her. Yet she holds her ground and with the patience that only a Palestinian mother can have, she perseveres. She has been pushed to the forefront of trying to provide for and keep her family going. She undergoes the greatest humiliations at the checkpoints in order to spare your father worse treatment. She steps between you and danger, following her motherly instincts, shielding you from certain harm. You wonder what she thinks about during those sleepless nights, but you will never know, for she bears this burden in total silence. You go to school, when allowed, and get good grades, yet you know deep down in your heart that no matter how much education you have, the best that you can hope for is a low paying menial job, even at that, a scarcity. You see the young men gather everyday on the same streets, in a ritual of boredom and futility. They either have finished their schooling or just quit out of frustration and hopelessness. Their numbers seem to grow daily, as their prospects for a hopeful future diminish. This, you begin to understand is the byproduct of the many decades of occupation, colonialism, and brazen policies to keep your people down, desperate, and broken. You begin to feel your loneliness in this world, to understand that the rest of the world doesn’t know of your plight or simply doesn’t care. You watch television images of your tormentors, living but a few kilometers away, enjoying the very life that they deny you. Your life, home, land, and history continue to be stolen, destroyed, and expropriated by others in an endless campaign to erase "Palestinian" from the land whose very soil, is mixed with the blood, sweat, and tears of your ancestors, and no amount effort will ever "cleanse" the land of the traces of its rightful owners! While the world at large, including those that count themselves as your "brothers" in the Arab world, make yet another proclamation, statement, and preach about freedom and justice, they collude with your tormentors to imprison, starve, and oppress you in every way possible: setting aside the very Conventions, laws, and acts of human decency that they espouse, as if those things are meant to apply to everyone, Bu those that happen to born Palestinian! Food, a basic human need for survival, is now a "luxury" according to your oppressors, and should you happen to make too much noise about your situation, then the "dogs of war" are unleashed to kill and destroy at will, with no actual regard for your life and those around, be they young or old, as total and barbaric destruction is once again the answer to your cries for freedom, justice, and dignity, for "being Palestinian" in their eyes and the eyes that grant them unconditional support, makes you a "child of a lesser God", thus negating your basic human rights. You watch with envy and anger as others enjoy the freedoms forbidden to you. While others travel around the world and claim that indeed the world is a "smaller place", you scoff at them because you cannot even travel a few kilometers to visit family, loved ones, in your own homeland. Your world grows "smaller" and more claustrophobic each day, filled only with suffocating blockades, check points, closures, and curfews. Even though sometimes you find yourself living in another part of the world, whether close or far away from the land that is YOUR birthright, in "comfortable" and not so very comfortable surroundings, you continue to yearn for your homeland, and realize that something will always be missing in your life, that you cannot ever be "whole" or "complete" and that as Palestinians, we are different from others in that while others live in a "homeland", our homeland will forever live in us. Every Palestinian finds it in their heart to fight for their land, not because they hate Jews or their religion but in fact to regain a homeland. The average Palestinian has nothing to really live for their land taken away, Father Unemployed in a impoverish country, Mother heartbroken, Brother either in jail or dead, Sister in school but means nothing because there’s nowhere to go. The only choice that is left is to fight who ever done this to you and to your people by any means necessary. There are no weapons to fight with so what’s left? Make a bomb and blow yourself up. Is that so wrong morally or ethically? Without understanding the Psychology of the situation one would say it is absolutely wrong and so would I. Since now after reading this paper and knowing about the Psychology behind it you tell me if it’s “wrong”. Israel mistakenly believes that by time new generations of Arabs will forget about the occupation of Palestine and Israel will be accepted. But the memory of nations does not forget like the memory of individuals getting older. New Arab and Muslim generations are more determined to fight to end the occupation. Throughout history, no military power defeated a resistance group that had faith. Freedom fighters forced colonial powers to yield and accept defeat, not the opposite. Israel, however, does not want to understand and insists on moving against the tide of history.