Lavrov should leave Assad with one clear Msg. Stop spilling the blood of UR own PPL! | 911 |

Freedom Syria says:


Since the collapse of communism Russia has fought to establish international credibility. It supported a limited military initiative in Libya and then stood back and watched whilst a Western alliance made up predominantly of France, Britain and, to a lesser extent, the US, provided military cover and assistance for rebels desperate for regime change.


In Libya, France and Britain had no alternative other than to support regime change. Had they not done so, Benghazi which, at the time, was under massive siege by Gadaffi forces would have been completely overrun. The ensuing bloodbath would have been tremendous.


Now, in the case of Syria, the international community is faced with a completely different dilemma. The lack of cohesion in the opposition forces is even greater in Syria than it was in Libya. Pan-national alliances and are more clearly marked out, with Russia and Iran having a clear and historical links to the Assad regime. There is, in the current situation, much more at stake internationally.


It is time for Russia to take its international responsibilities seriously and exert its influence in Syria. This is the only way to establish its credibility in the longer term. It can do this by making absolutely clear to President Al-Assad that the spilling of Syrian blood on the streets of Homs and other cities must stop, and stop now!  This should be Lavrovs' unequivocal message. If he fails to imprint this on the minds of those sustaining this murderous regime, the prospect of the Middle East becoming a tinderbox for international conflict will become much more real.




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