Assad must *NOT* be allowed to internationalize his problem! | 911 |


Freedom Syria says: 


It is understandable, in view of the carnage now being played out on the streets of Syrian cities, that many are now calling for robust international action to arm the Free Syrian Army. As we witness the maiming of men, women and children it is tempting to turn up the the gain on such calls.


Further.  Some are claiming that, after the UN failure to secure a consensus on Syria, the channels of diplomacy have now closed. Those making such claims have referred to “Russian and Chinese recklessness” in sabotaging a UN resolution.


However such a lack of faith in the power of diplomacy is premature. Whatever one thinks of Russian and Chinese veto it was most certainly not “reckless”. It was, on the contrary, the result of careful calculation informed by naked self interest. It is the action of those who now call for an end to diplomatic efforts to persuade Pres. Al-Assad to see reason, and for him to go without spilling any more blood, who are reckless.  


There is a significant risk of a dangerous escalation in the international tension with regard to the situation in Syria. Al-Assad would like nothing better than to internationalize his problem. Therefore, all interested parties should continue to spare no effort in applying maximum diplomatic pressure with the sole aim of consigning this tyrannical and murderous regime to history. 



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