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registration of 80g

registration of 80g | 80g | Scoop.it
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Consultancy was structured to help the whole system of Ngos existing in India and is the main consultancy giving some administrations incorporating 12a and 80g enlistment, fcra enrollment, ngo enlistment, accounting report, twelve-month report and site improvement.
We outfit qualified information and master discussion on fundamental parts of government approach drives for development through the going hand in hand with instruments, to help aggregations and NGO's incorporated in diverse change practices and brace the endeavors.
We give profits in the going hand in hand with fields: ngo, Trust, Firm, Society, Cooperative Society, Company, ventures ECT.
Non-Government Organization
NGO Consultancy
Selection of NGO
NGO Registration
Selection of Muslim NGO
Muslim NGO Registration
Selection of Society
Selection of Cooperative Society
Selection of Non-Profit Society
Selection of Non-Profit NGO
Selection of Non-Profit Company
12 A Certificate
80 G Certificate
Revelation of 35 AC
Revelation of 35 (1&2)
FCRA: Permanent, Prior Permission and Amendments
Remote Contribution Regulation Act
Step Reports, Funds.

Address:Crystal Vision,45B,Hasanpur Main Road,1st Floor,I.P. Extension,Patparganj,Delhi-110092.


<a href="http://www.80g.co">ngo tax benefits</a>

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Scooped by bablukumar

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Crystal Consultancy provides 80G|12A registration
for foreign funding. It is running since last 10 years and has done
80G|12A registration of more than 100 ngos.

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