6 Masters Degrees in Business Information Systems at UCC
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Business Information Systems (BIS)

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MBS Innovation in European Business  (IEB) A Masters programme delivered by three international partners, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, Institut Superieur du Commerce de Paris, Paris, France and HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Business often find that many young professionals although possessing management skills and knowledge lack creativity and are not aware of the specific challenges inherent in implementing and managing the cycle of innovation. Furthermore, graduates are often unfamiliar with the requirements of managing dynamic environments. The Masters of Business Studies (MBS) in Innovation in European Business is designed to meet the needs of industry by training graduates to understand the innovation and change in an international perspective.

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The Masters of Business Studies (MBS) in Innovation in European Business is a 15 month (90 ECTS) taught programme taking place across three locations in Ireland, France and The Netherlands. The programme allows students to develop a valuable combined skill set in business, management and analytical skills and provides them with state-of-the-art knowledge and concepts on how to implement and manage sustainable innovation. This is achieved through a series of modules organised around the innovation cycle in organisations; vision-development-implementation-management and seminars on innovation in Europe. Students learn to focus on business deliverables and business interactions through an in-company placement and their integrated research project which they have to present as a dissertation.

Key Elements of the Programme
 - International orientation on full cycle of innovation; study in three countries (classes in culture & language); 
 - Perspective of Change; 
 - Focus on professional practice; 
 - In-company placement in Europe based companies; 
 - Research techniques and skills; 
 - Research project and presentation; 
 - Training in management skills and intercultural skills; 
 - Guest lecturers and company visits; 
 - Study trips to EU offices in Brussels, Innovation centres, innovating companies and incubators in the three countries; 
 - Optional French Stream (intensive French course and some subjects taught in French) for non-French native speakers and matching Dutch Stream for non-Dutch speakers in Utrecht. 
 - Small group of 20-30 students from several countries; 
 - Erasmus support grant available;

Overview of MBS IEB Programme 

Detailed descriptions of the stages:
Term 1: September to December - Cork session (20 credits): 
 - Open innovation and the enabling role of IT (5 credits) 
 - Innovation opportunity recognition and assessment (5 credits) 
 - Venture Capital and Private Equity Evaluating early stage investments (5 credits) 
 - Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on Ireland and Great Britain (5 credits) 
 - Dissertation Preparation I 

Term 2: January to March Paris session (20 credits): 
 - Innovation and Strategy (5 credits) 
 - Managing Innovation (5 credits) 
 - The product Life Cycle (5 credits) 
 - Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on France and South Europe (5 credits) 
 - Dissertation Preparation II 

Term 3: April to September Placement Period 
 - Each student in the programme must spend at least 800 hours in a European organisation, working in a role commensurate with the objectives of the programme. Whilst placement is not guaranteed by the administrators of the programme, students will be offered complete support in sourcing and being selected for placement opportunities in any European country. 
 - Placement Report (10 credits) 

Term 4: October to December - Utrecht session (20 credits + 20 credits for the dissertation): 
 - Innovation in Services (5 credits) 
 - Social Innovation (5 credits) 
 - Implementing innovation and managing change (5 credits) 
 - Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on Holland (5 credits), 
 - Dissertation Completion Workshops 
 - Dissertation (20 credits)

Students wishing to apply for this course must do so on-line at the following website http://www.pac.ie 

Applications deadline: June 30th, 2013 

Applications are reviewed by a committee of assessors and a short list is compiled based on results obtained by applicants in their primary degrees and the relevant professional experience they have accumulated to date. Offers are made to applicants in the order of their ranking in the shortlist. Some applicants will initially be placed on a waiting list but will get final answers quickly. 

Erasmus Support: Dedicated Mobility funding will be available to students in the MBS IEB programme to support their transition between Cork and Paris and, separately, between Paris and their placement location in the shape of two Erasmus grants (amounts vary between years - Grant amount €1044 in 2013/2014) 

MBS IEB most frequently asked questions http://bis.ucc.ie/Postgraduate_MBS_IEB_FAQs.aspx

For more information about the programme and the application process:

Interested students are encouraged to contact one of the three programme coordinators below: 
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland 
Frederic Adam Emaill - fadam@afis.ucc.ie Tel. + 353 21 490 3343 

Institut Superieur du Commerce de Paris, Paris, France 
Michel Azaria Email - mazaria@groupeisc.com Tel. +33 1 40539999 

HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Gilbert Silvius Email - gilbert.silvius@hu.nl Tel. +31 30 258 64 65

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