55 Tips to get re-tweeted
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Rescooped by Shay Narsey from Direct marketing and consumer engagement

5 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns

5 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns | 55 Tips to get re-tweeted | Scoop.it
Even in today's social- and digital-media-rich environment, well thought out direct mail campaigns have the ability to capture a recipient's attention, get them to read and process content, commit.

Via Huiqing Chen
Shay Narsey's insight:

I really liked this article and thought it related well to our weeks topic aswell. This article discusses how you can capture comsumers attentionby direct mail with 5 important tips. Cultivate the perfect list and craft targeted messaging. This means means making every part of the direct mail count to get theor attentions. Secnd tip is to personalise content and be personal i like this tip becuase i feel special when i see some special mail directed to me. third is be specific so that us consumers can know what the message its. These are some key examples of how direct mail can be helpful and thats why i found this article insightful and as symbolises by direct mail can be effective.

Hendy Han's comment, September 26, 2013 7:14 PM
A really interesting article Levi. This article give a great tips on how to maximizing one of the most useful traditional tool for marketing. Many companies are still using direct mailing as it is still a major medium for keeping in touch with customers. Many companies are to focused on social media, they start forgetting on how direct mail can be a very effective tool
Vic Methven's comment, September 26, 2013 9:36 PM
Hey Anna, I also believe that using direct mail that contains personal content can be effective for consumers, it will add a relationship between the business and consumer and will hopefully engage the consumer to make a response to the communication. Although direct mail marketing is more expensive, it can also be beneficial for both the consumer and company if it is done correctly with the right strategic approach. I enjoyed reading this article.
Ahmed Salman's comment, September 26, 2013 9:43 PM
I agree with your insight shay. i like how This article discusses how you can capture comsumers attentionby direct mail with 5 important tips
Rescooped by Shay Narsey from Consumer Engagement

55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today

55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today | 55 Tips to get re-tweeted | Scoop.it
twitter retweet tips Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

Via Patricia Marinho
Shay Narsey's insight:

this article provides a great insight into how you can get more re-tweets on twitter a popular social media platform. By getting re-tweets it gets you story more reach and means more people are going to see your content/message and thats gets more egaged consumers a form of virality. I believe it is important to read this kind article because if you dont write your tweets the right way to get maximum reach then you are not being as useful as you can be do get more and more people engaged leading to greater reach of the message.

the article gives tips such put information in your bio, know your audience. these kind of tips are usefull because if you dont know who your audience is then you dont know what kind of contnet will appeal to them and get people more engaged. these kind of tips will mean your social media will be more beneficial to you or your company 

Jordan Reti Pereira's comment, August 22, 2013 7:29 PM
This article is very useful, especially more-so for individuals like Dallan who do not use Twitter. It shows the huge potential that this marketing channel has to a business (whether it's big or small) and how these techniques are a quick-fire way to take advantage of the platform. Props to Dallan for discovering this article, and hopefully it assists him in future endeavours.
Christine IMC's curator insight, August 23, 2013 12:51 AM

This is a really good article at giving out quick Don'ts & Do's of how to get RTs on Twitter. Not only will it help with RTs but can also help the company/person on twitter gain more followers as well and create more hype through social media, build brand awareness and loaylty.


As technological advances are ever growing in today's society nationally as well as Internationally, this definitely can raise a higher consumer following as well as engagement with consumers and potential consumers in regards to positive and negative feedback, conversation starters, education and much more. It's a great way for universal consumer engagement and for them to also follow how a company is going, what's the latest updates, other specials on offer, links to other media means.

Dallan Milich's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:24 PM

This article worked as more of an understanding for me as I have never tweeted yet alone used twitter before. The writer of the article talks about how engagement is measured through the amount of re-tweets you receive/gain. My understanding allows me to agree with what the writer is saying, because when you thinking about it, the more re-tweets you receive the more people are interacting with your account and not just looking at it. By re-tweeting they acknowledging that they understand your content and show some sort of agreement or share similar values. Most of the tips how ever do seem quite basic and I look at them as more of reinforcing my ideas or a checklist before I would summit something online. The article in my opinion needs a bit more information on the on the topic of engagement and why it could be a positive, otherwise the tips could be seen as quite pointless in terms of what your actually trying to achieve.