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3 Week Diet is authored by Brian Flatt, who is a health coach, a sport nutritionist, and a personal trainer. This program is designed to help people lose about 12 to 23 pounds of weight in just 3 short weeks. Brian Flatt was compelled to create his personal diet plan as he could not ignore the mis-information about weight loss that misleads thousands of people worldwide. The 3 Week Diet was designed as a solution to all those “mainstream” diet plans on the market which are time-consuming and inefficient. According to the author, this program is jam packed with all-natural tips to burn off your unwanted pounds that do not involve with any type of drugs or supplements. To test the effectiveness of this weight loss program, VKool introduces this brief 3 Week Diet review.

Basically, this system is split into several components for users’ ease of reading. The first component is diet. The diet plan consists of 4 major phases with radically different factors in each one. In the first week of the diet, you will be able to lose about 7 to 10 pounds. In the fourth phase of the diet, you are going to learn how to calculate your BMR and apply it to the nutrients and calories you need every day to warrant you meet your weight loss goals. Besides, Brian Flatt also provides users with easy ways to time your meals properly, tips to create a 24/7 weight loss environment via the foods you eat, and methods to balance your hormones, to speed up the fat burning process. Also, you will get to know some optional supplements which could drastically enhance your own fat loss efforts. The second component is exercise. Whilst the diet component along will help you turn your own body into such a fat burning machine, the exercise portion will double your results. Fact is, one of the main reasons that most common diets fail is because people take too much of the amount of exercise which is not responsive to the diet plan they apply. Actually, weight loss is driven by the intensity, not time. Therefore, by following the body shaping workouts introduced in this e-guide, with just 20-30 minutes each day and 3days each week, you will be able to get your fat loss results. The last component is motivation, will power, and mindset. The majority of people find this section really eye-opening because it dispels some of the prevalent myths regarding the will power that most people never realize. Additionally, in this section, you will discover some power challenges that allow you to get success on the 3 Week Diet.

In concrete, in the very first pages of the e-book, Brian Flatt uncovers to you the truth about weight loss and the way that people get fat. Once you understand how your own body becomes fat, you will know how to prevent it. Additionally, you will explore the effects of protein on the human body and how to take control of protein consumption correctly. Furthermore, in the e-book, you also get to know how to consuming of essential fatty acids, fat, water, carbohydrates, and fiber affects the overall health, in general, and weight loss efficiency, in particular. Thanks to the useful guidelines inside this e-book, you will be able to get in shape quickly, improve your mental health and boost your self esteem through the roof due to your new look. In other words, this program is very user-friendly that everyone can follow easily regardless of their age and their education level.

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