What is the Most Important Element of a PBL Unit? | 21st century school | Scoop.it

What is the most important element in PBL unit? There are8 elements to choose from:

* Significant Content

* A Need to Know

* A Driving Question

* Student Voice and Choice

* 21st Century Skills

* Inquiry and Innovation

* Feedback and Revision

* Publicly Presented Product

This post states that a driving question is most important. "If you find the right questions then most of the other factors identified are covered automatically."

The question then becomes "How do you generate a great question and who is the right person to generate that question?" To this the answer would be the students.

If this is an area where you are not sure how to work with students then look into the the work of the Right Question Institute (RQI) and their Question Formation Technique (QFT). To help you better understand this they provide a look at "how question generation was embedded at the heart of a PBL unit."

Via Beth Dichter