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Continuing our theme of using Twitter in education this week, we bring you a look at the ways Twitter is causing the current lecture model to evolve. The following analysis is brought to you by our content partners over at Online Universities.


Gone is the time when PowerPoint was the most impressive communication technology in the lecture hall. These days, students and professors enjoy the power of Twitter, a tool that allows for digital discussions to supplement and even guide lecture sessions. So how exactly is Twitter changing the college lecture as we know it?


Read on to find out about 10 different ways.


- Mobile devices are welcome in the lecture hall once again

- Lectures become a conversation

- Bashful students are speaking up

- More students get connected in large lectures

- Students stay engaged beyond the lecture

- Dorm discussions don’t happen as much anymore, and that’s OK

- There’s more information saved now than ever before

- Students think about lectures even when they’re not at school

- Review sessions happen anywhere

- Fewer classroom disruptions exist


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