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Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, the gentlemen credited with starting flipped learning, have been extraordinarily busy as the concept and grown and spread very rapidly in the past year. 


Their book, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day, was the first joint publication effort by ISTE and ASCD and they have criss-crossed the nation making presentations. Their site https://flippedlearning.eduvision.tv/default.aspx, has published 100s of how-to videos on numerous aspects, grade levels, and subject areas related to the flip. (Unfortunately, they have chosen to charge a hefty $97 apiece for viewing these videos. I know it costs to produce the videos, and the presenters are justified in being compensated for their time and effort, but this price is well out of the range of what teachers can afford for their own PD. Surely a better model can be developed)


Bergmann has posted a significant amount of links to free videos and podcasts on his personal website http://flipped-learning.com/?page_id=421.


Happily, Sams and Bergmann have also chosen to establish a podcast network...and this is without cost. To date (7/23/12), seven podcasts have been posted...at the rate of approximately two per month. The interviews and discussions provide insights, tips, and resources by flip practitioners. Click on the flipped learning logo above to be taken to the podcast network. -JL

Via Jim Lerman, Dennis T OConnor, Lisa Woodruff